NAEGELI provides certified legal videographers who are knowledgeable in Court Procedures and Rules of Court terminology. All our certified legal video specialists (CLVS) are trained to use high-grade video and audio equipment, as well as to avoid and resolve technical issues.
Use the power of digital video to show the jury not only what the deponent said, but how they said it. This is a valuable nuance the printed copy alone cannot convey. Combine the power of acclaimed court reporting and certified legal videography by having the transcript synced to the video. Highlight impeaching words as a deponent speaks them in the video, or allow the sincerity of a key witness to shine through crystal clear visuals and audio.
Our experienced NAEGELI videographers are full-time employees who understand the culture of the legal profession. The editing of each video is done with special consideration to your case’s specific needs. Your deposition or other recorded event can be delivered in any media format. Our high-resolution digital media files are playable on computers and mobile devices.
Our state-of-the-art suite of videography services extends to video conferencing, allowing you to depose individuals from NAEGELI’s top-tier conference rooms on a large, high definition screen. Why book a hotel on the road when you can depose a witness remotely and make it home in time for dinner? Our certified legal video specialists are on site, ready to capture every moment of your remote deposition and ensure technical issues are resolved promptly. 
Our professional legal videographers can be present in a deposition environment and may create either a noticed video deposition for use in the courtroom or the new Discovery Video. Discovery Video provides our clients with a 100% verifiable transcript. These transcripts can be used for permanent retention of witness demeanor, settlement, or for building a library for future reference on how expert witnesses testify. Unlike noticed video depositions, the Discovery Video is strictly the clients’ working copy and, unless agreed to by counsel, may not be used in court.
To further serve you, NAEGELI can provide a variety of video production services designed to meet your needs:
    “Day-in-the-life” Videos
    Editing and Duplication
    Post-Production Technical Support
    Video to Transcript Synchronization
    Professional Certified Legal Videography
    Video Demonstrations for Product Liability Litigation
    Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) and Settlement Videos