Trial Support

For over 40 years, NAEGELI has assisted thousands of attorneys nationwide and around the globe with the integration of documents, photographs, graphics, video, animation, and other exhibits into a clear and convincing computer-based courtroom presentation. Utilizing only the most modern courtroom technology, our trial presenters are exceptionally experienced in litigation. Whether involved in a four-month trial or a one-day dispute resolution proceeding, we understand the demands of large complex litigation and are able to easily adapt to the varying styles of each litigator. From discovery to verdict, and often to appeal, NAEGELI provides customized presentation support services and equipment configurations for any litigation communication challenge and venue.

Trial Presentation

NAEGELI has consultants who are experts in presenting your case. Sometimes the technology you use impacts the jury even before the argument is made. Our trial presenters are expertly educated in a multitude of software programs, which will allow you to present your trial in the most convincing and clear manner available. If you have not yet chosen a presentation software for trial, we will consult with you to determine the best match for your firm or individual case. Whether you are presenting exhibits, traditional demonstratives, deposition video with scrolling text, linked exhibits or 3-D graphics and animations, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial utilizes advanced technology with proven methods to keep the jury focused and help them retain the information you want them to remember. Naegeli has been hired to assist in numerous high-profile cases, including celebrity, anti-trust and construction defect litigation.

Early Case Assessment

Success starts before the beginning of your trial! Our experts will meet with your team to evaluate your case, determine a presentation strategy and ensure all evidence is organized and ready to present on time for the trial date. The days of struggling to pull everything together in the days and hours prior to trial ends once NAEGELI has joined your team. Complex cases that involve many intricate details and take hours to explain can be simplified in succinct visual messages with software that will create a demonstrative presentation.

Exhibit / Video Preparation

You want your evidence to be clear and presented in a seamless manner. One way to make this possible is to digitize all of your documents, exhibits, and transcripts so they are accessible at any moment. We make sure that all paper exhibits are scanned to the best format and resolution. We also analyze your digital documents for proper resolution, necessary conversions, or even enhancements. NAEGELI works with you on your exhibit list to make sure the exhibits are assigned a unique identifier, making them immediately retrievable with just a few simple keystrokes. With this technology, you can easily access and animate any page, paragraph, sentence, or word. Your Naegeli trial technician will display your evidence in a compelling visual manner to support your argument and convince the jury.

We also work closely with our video department to oversee quality control of all videography, as well as the accuracy of video and transcript synchronization. If another firm has taken your depositions, we will review and make any necessary adjustments to increase the quality of the video and provide the synced transcript to video.

Courtroom / War room Set Up

NAEGELI will conduct an onsite venue analysis to determine the best equipment configuration for the courtroom or alternative dispute resolution site. We will take care of set-up to ensure the judge, counsel, witnesses and most importantly, the jury has their full attention focused on your evidence. We provide copy machines on-site for immediate copying during trial. We provide delivery, pickup, training and 24-hour support. If you have an out-of-town trial, we have you covered. We coordinate with your team to set up an office in any hotel or location that makes you feel like you never left home.

Graphics / Animation

Sometimes simple is better. In some cases, all you need is a straightforward PowerPoint or a traditional trial board to engage the jury and get your point across. Situations that are more complex often require a more advanced solution. NAEGELI has the experience to help you decide if you need a state-of-the-art 3-D animation, a more traditional demonstrative or anything in-between. Moreover, we possess the skill to produce the highest quality result whatever your choice may be. Even the well-versed attorney needs the powerful impact of a single image or arresting video. Whether an attorney is unfolding an opening statement or conducting an intense examination, the visual presentation can make all the difference.

Mock Jury Panel

Mock jury trials and focus groups not only gather important data about how potential jurors react to the case, they also provide a valuable dress rehearsal. An interactive focus group allows you to respond to questions from the mock jurors throughout the event and is particularly useful at the beginning stages of case development. Focus groups can be conducted in abbreviated half-day sessions or in full day sessions. As the trial date approaches and you are ready to practice your presentation in a more formal, structured format, a mock trial will best suit your needs.

During a mock trial, participants playing the role of jurors are exposed to the arguments on each side of the case and are then asked to deliberate and determine a verdict. The trial team may view the deliberation from a separate viewing room. During a final debriefing session, interaction between the mock jurors and the facilitator allow for deeper probing into the psyche of the juror. Attorneys are increasingly insistent that their Naegeli trial presenter observe and critique the mock jury trial.

Equipment Rental


A computer and video projector is the most common display device in court. The minimum brightness suggested is 3,000 ANSI Lumens for trial presentation. The lumen refers to the brightness of the light in the projector. We have projectors ranging from, 3000, 4000 and 7000 lumens.

Projector Screen

Many courtrooms have a screen installed that drops down from the ceiling. Often due to construction restraints, these screens are not in the optimal viewing position for the jury. Screens size is dependent on the courtroom size and screen placement. We have screens ranging from five feet to ten feet.

Sound System

We always bring in a separate sound system. By running independently, allows the technician to control the audio levels at the tech location without altering the house levels.

Copy Machine

We provide high-speed copy machines on-site for immediate copying during the trial. Additionally, we provide delivery, setup, pickup, training and 24-hour support.


Small portable scanners are often used in the courtroom for limited scanning of documents newly introduced.

Electronic Whiteboard

A Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch technology to detect user input. The Smart Board software interface runs “on-top” of presentation software and will provide an effective method for presenting your case.

Document Camera

Document cameras are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. A common name for this device is “Elmo”, although similar devices are made by multiple manufacturers.

70″ Courtroom Trial Screen

Our interactive touch screen provides a one-stop solution for trial and can be conveniently placed in close proximity to the judge or jury for crucial testimony. The mobile trial screen is a more sophisticated whiteboard in that it provides the additional benefit of allowing you to adjust images, graphics, text and information with the touch of a finger. The NAEGELI interactive trial screen offers the highest level of courtroom presentation technology and is greatly effective in telling your story.

Having assisted in hundreds of trials, we are not only experts at litigation presentation and consultation, we are also among the first in the nation to hold certificates as Trial Presentation Professionals. Naegeli has developed many multimedia courtroom presentations for both complex and simple trials, which resulted in precedent-setting verdicts. In addition, our trial teams have participated in presentations to the American Bar Association, Oregon State Bar, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, Washington Trial Lawyers Association, Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, Oregon Paralegal Association and the College of Legal Arts. Our expertise in trial presentation and trial techniques are highly sought after.

NAEGELI Has Been Chosen To Provide Trial Support For The Following Cases:

Pena vs Yamaha
Nydigger vs PGE
Brooks vs Casewell
Harkness vs Platten
Wyndham vs Swinerton
Grossnickle vs Stryker
Wah Chang vs Pacificorp
Hunt vs City of Portland
Honda vs Opus Northwest
Ellis vs Les Schwab Tire
Pearson vs Phillip Morris
Trinity Glass vs LG Chemical
Amerititle vs Gilliam County
Pacificorp vs Simplex Grinnell
Ewing vs Sterling Savings Bank
Costales vs the State of Washington
John Does vs Catholic Archbishop
Coultas vs Columbia Helicopters
The state of Oregon vs Phillip Morris
Jack Does vs Boy Scouts of America
Tolenoa and Beltran vs Denny’s Inc.
Sulzer Pumps vs Pacific Idemnity Co.