Video Conferencing

NAEGELI video conferencing services are used widely in the legal profession to conduct depositions, interviews, and expert witness testimony all around the world. Whether you are scheduling video conferencing in Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Spokane, Washington, or any location worldwide, our expansive video conference network allows you to connect anywhere nationally or internationally. Video conferencing primarily utilizes IP-based networks that are supported on-site in our many locations nationally and internationally. Both IP and ISDN connections are available, and bridging services can also be provided should multiple sites be necessary. Video conferencing allows people to access justice without being restricted by geographical boundaries; this is especially pertinent in the case of “special measures”, which are a series of provisions that help vulnerable and intimidated witnesses give their best evidence in court and help to relieve some of the stress associated with giving evidence. Some witnesses may have particular difficulties attending court and giving evidence due to their age, personal circumstances, fear of intimidation, or their physical needs. Video conferencing can alleviate many of these difficulties. Legal professionals use video conferencing before trial to take testimony or interview witnesses. Video conferencing is also useful for additional meetings between counsel, administrative and appeal hearings, and recently “Virtual Courts”, where defendants are tried remotely. Video conferencing has an advantage over face-to-face meetings in that testimonies and interviews can be recorded for subsequent review.

Using NAEGELI for video conferencing is very cost-effective, eliminating coast-to-coast travel time and expenses for meetings, depositions, or conferences. We have extensively coordinated state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities to connect worldwide networks of video conference sites in an effort to cut costs for our clients.