We at Naegeli Deposition and Trial serve multiple locations throughout the Northwestern United States including Oregon, Washington state, and Idaho. Because we service so many locations, we are sure to maintain a sufficient awareness of state-specific property laws so that we can properly assist today’s real estate legal field. Although “real estate” is an umbrella term for a civil law that covers rights to process, use, and enjoy the land and man-made additions attached to it, we at Naegeli understand the finer nuances involved in this practice.

Real and Personal Property

There is a significant difference between real and personal property, which can come into play when ownership needs to be defined.

Real Property is the land and anything built on, growing on, or affixed to it. This includes buildings, plants (crops), as well as natural resources found underneath such as minerals, oils, and gasses.

Personal Property is anything other than land that can be the subject of ownership, which includes property stocks, money, notes, intellectual property, and intangible property.

Practice Areas

  • Real estate and real property rights and interests
  • Transfers of both real and personal property including sales and purchases
  • Property rights for rental property, purchased property, and landlord/tenant laws
  • Property development including zoning and land use
  • Agricultural issues
  • Home loans and foreclosures
  • Deed drafting
  • Filing for construction, laborer, and artisan liens

Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Once again subject to state jurisdiction, real estate sales and purchases can vary as real estate brokers, agents and salespeople are licensed and regulated by local state laws. Principal real estate practices such as contracts and deeds will also vary from state to state, making the detailed process inconsistent and complex. This ramification is something that we at Naegeli are qualified to handle.

Landlord, Tenant, & Land Use Laws

States also regulate the renting or leasing of property for residential and/or commercial purposes, including the processing of security deposits, evictions, environmental laws, and homeowner associations.

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