Personal injury attorneys are among the most common clients for Naegeli Trial and Deposition. Our teams of dedicated court reporting and litigation support professionals are adept at providing personal injury law offices with state-of-the-art services to help them win their cases and give them the confidence they need to best represent their clients. Our staff is fluent in the different types of cases personal injury lawyers handle, from transvaginal mesh lawsuits to cases focusing on asbestos, car accidents, and medication.

Among the types of personal injury cases there are:

Vehicle Accidents







Premises Liability


Slip and fall

Product Liability

Defective Design

Construction Defect

Unsafe Products

Falsely Advertised Products

Commercial Litigation

Professional Liability

Business litigation

Intellectual Property Disputes

Wrongful Death

Will and Trust Disputes

Medical Malpractice

Herbal Remedy Injuries

Medical Malpractice claims

Pharmacy Error


Hospitals and Clinics

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Unsafe Drugs

Specific Brands

Dangerous and Damaging Reactions

Kidney or Liver Failure


Tissue Damage

When preparing a case against an established corporation, there is the overwhelming knowledge that the corporation in question will have teams of invested lawyers at their disposal. The preeminent solution to beat the odds and have them play in your and your client’s favor is to ensure that your team has access to the best litigation support services available.

Independent court reporting firms like Naegeli Deposition and Trial have made quality litigation support with state of the art technology handled by an experience, helpful staff their number one priority in addition to excellent real-time reporting services. No longer restricted to court reporting and transcription formatting, court-reporting firms offer advantageous litigation support in the following areas:

  • Last minute, 24/7 scheduling
  • Online scheduling
  • Video deposition
  • Certified legal videographers
  • Life video and transcript feed
  • Video demonstrations for product liability litigation
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME’s) and Settlement videos
  • Videoconferencing hosting and available conferencing suites
  • Early case assessment and strategies
  • Exhibit and video presentation
  • Multimedia trial presentations
  • Courtroom set up for technology and organization
  • Document organization and digitalization
  • Easily searchable indexing
  • Secure pick-up and delivery
  • Prompt, properly formatted transcripts
  • Interpretation services

Naegeli Deposition and Trial provides a strong professional and industry knowledge of trends in the law concerning everything from medical malpractice to corporate malfeasance and mass tort cases. Our experience in personal injury cases gives our clients the edge they need to win their cases and provide their clients with the highest awards possible. We provide everything from elegant conference rooms to last minute scheduling and videography services.

When you are in the middle of a deposition of an expert witness it is paramount to know that your litigation support and court reporting firm can handle the logistics and demands necessary to make your case a winning one.