Elegant, State-of-the-art Meetings

For over 35 years, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial boasts elegant conference rooms with state-of-the-art facilities for boardroom meetings, depositions and other purposes. Our conference rooms include seating for up to 50 people, sound-proofing and many other amenities include a downtown Portland, Oregon location in the US Bancorp Tower.

Amenities And Services

Our conveniently-located conference rooms include a variety of services such as

Private consulting areas

Fax services

Printing services

Video conferencing

Internet access


Private parking

Naegeli Has Been Chosen To Provide Trial Support For The Following Cases:

Pena vs Yamaha

Nydigger vs PGE

Brooks vs Casewell

Harkness vs Platten

Wyndham vs Swinerton

Grossnickle vs Stryker

Wah Chang vs Pacificorp

Hunt vs City of Portland

Honda vs Opus Northwest

Ellis vs Les Schwab Tire

Pearson vs Phillip Morris

Trinity Glass vs LG Chemical

Amerititle vs Gilliam County

Pacificorp vs Simplex Grinnell

Ewing vs Sterling Savings Bank

Costales vs State of Washington

John Does vs Catholic Archbishop

Coultas vs Columbia Helicopters

State of Oregon vs Phillip Morris

Jack Does vs Boy Scouts of America

Tolenoa and Beltran vs Denny’s Inc.

Sulzer Pumps vs Pacific Idemnity Co.