Cicayda's E-Discovery Software and Professional Services

Portland, Oregon- January 22, 2019
NAEGELI Deposition and Trial today announced that it has teamed up with Cicayda to combine its court reporting and trial support services with Cicayda’s eDiscovery software and services. NAEGELI is known as the industry’s leading choice in court reporting and trial support, providing outstanding professional services.
“We look forward to continuing to bring our clients the most cutting-edge advancements available in the deposition marketplace,” said Marsha Naegeli, CEO, and Founder at NAEGELI Deposition & Trial. “We are bringing the Cicayda eDiscovery software to our clients to help them improve their overall productivity, accuracy, and legal defensibility.”
Scott Massey, Cicayda’s Chief Revenue Officer, commented, “This expands our offering for law firms and corporations, now delivering our unparalleled eDiscovery software and expertise with NAEGELI’s court reporting and trial support services.”
About NAEGELI Deposition and Trial:
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with multiple offices throughout the United States, NAEGELI is a full-service court reporting and litigation support firm that has been serving the legal industry for 40 years. NAEGELI provides court reporting, specializing in depositions, trials, complex litigation, aviation, and medical litigation. In addition to their nationally respected court reporting services, NAEGELI offers video conferencing, legal interpretation, document management services, trial consultation, and trial presentation. NAEGELI employs a team of highly experienced, innovative trial technicians and trial technology consultants.
About Cicayda:
Cicayda founded in 2012 in Nashville, Tenn. by a team of legal experts, provides leading-edge Cloud-based Analytics and eDiscovery (Reprise) and legal hold technology solutions (Fermata) to serve the global needs of law firms and corporations. Using a SaaS-based subscription model, the company couples its powerful legal software with legal experts to provide 24/7 service, strategy, analytics, and support. Cicayda helps clients save time and money with fast, accurate, and highly scalable solutions.