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The legal field is constantly presenting new challenges. Many of those challenges are being met through the talents of legal professionals here in the Pacific Northwest and across the country, and others can be met with new technology provided by elite Yakima court reporters at NAEGELI Deposition & Trial.

We offer the technology you need as well as the experienced team you trust with your cases. We can help you discover the role that technology can play in your casework from preparation in the law firm to presentation in the courtroom.

Day after day and around the clock, our team is ready to work with you as you serve your clients. When you schedule depositions and other services with us, we make a commitment to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Yakima court reporters at Naegeli Deposition and Trial can support you as you meet the emerging challenges of the legal profession. We help you work with information in new ways, and we can also help you explore new ways to deliver information in the courtroom. Our HIPAA-certified team will be with you here in Yakima and wherever your casework takes you.

Our Services

Court Reporting

Court Reporting

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is the leading court-reporting firm nationwide, recognized for its exceptional services in the legal industry.


With certified videographers, we capture quality video recordings of legal events, enhancing the visual presentation of evidence and witness testimonies.
Remote Depositions

Remote Depositions

Utilizing secure technology, we allow attorneys to conduct remote depositions from any location while ensuring seamless communication.
Trial Support

Trial Support

From exhibit preparation to courtroom setup, our trial support services equip attorneys with the tools needed to effectively present their cases.


Our transcription services transform audio recordings into accurate transcripts, providing attorneys with written records of proceedings.

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is known as the best in the country when it comes to providing court reporters to the legal community. Our Yakima, Washington court reporters pride themselves on the accurate and timely delivery of transcripts. Many of our court reporters in Yakima are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial also provides Yakima court reporters for trials, hearings, and arbitrations. Upon request, rough drafts are provided each day so the judge’s rulings and prior testimony can be reflected upon promptly. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial offers court reporters in Yakima court and to nearby cities as well as nationwide!

Communication is 10% content, 35% tone, and 55% body language, so when it comes to video, you get it all! The majority of Yakima attorneys are now including a video with their deposition because it is very imposing and provides a higher degree of credibility in the courtroom. Using the latest high-tech equipment, our Yakima videographers can record proceedings in various formats. Each of our videotaped depositions are synced, by the word, to the transcript. Video syncing your transcript allows for the ability to present an impeaching video clip of the witness in their own words. The transcript is displayed alongside the deponent’s words and is highlighted as they speak, which is called video synchronization and has become rapidly indispensable for legal professionals. When a judge or jury sees the witness testifying versus an individual reading from a transcript, there is no question in their mind because video tells the whole story. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial videotaped depositions are available in a media format that can be imported directly into your electronic devices for your mobile viewing. Our Yakima Washington videographers provide you with the tools you need to make your case presentation as successful as possible.

Why Choose Naegeli?

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial Ranked number one Court Reporting Firm by New York Weekly. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial awarded best court reporting firm Nationwide by US Reporter. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial named one of the top ten best places to work in the legal industry by Portland News.


Thank you for the outstanding service and technical support that your firm provided to me and my New York co-counsel in our arbitration proceeding. You did an excellent job, especially given that the raw video footage and audio soundtrack we provided to you were of poor quality. The arbitration panel and all the lawyers in the room agreed that your presentation saved testimony that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to understand.
Jefferey A. Bowersox
Bowersox Law Firm, PC
I have come to rely on NAEGELI Deposition and Trial as the best source for the most advanced court reporting and litigation tools that can be made available to me. Their knowledgeable staff is always available for the technical assistance that I might require in using these tools.
Thomas D’Amore
D’Amore Law Group

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