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Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware and is located right at the confluence of the Christina and Brandywine Rivers. NAEGELI is located in the heart of downtown Wilmington. Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Wilmington office is located 10 miles from the Wilmington Aiport. NAEGELI offers multiple conference rooms, equipped with the latest technology and a modern feel.

Our Services

Court Reporting

Court Reporting

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is the leading court-reporting firm nationwide, recognized for its exceptional services in the legal industry.


With certified videographers, we capture quality video recordings of legal events, enhancing the visual presentation of evidence and witness testimonies.
Remote Depositions

Remote Depositions

Utilizing secure technology, we allow attorneys to conduct remote depositions from any location while ensuring seamless communication.
Trial Support

Trial Support

From exhibit preparation to courtroom setup, our trial support services equip attorneys with the tools needed to effectively present their cases.


Our transcription services transform audio recordings into accurate transcripts, providing attorneys with written records of proceedings.


NAEGELI offers the best court reporters and legal professional services nationwide. Our seasoned, skilled court reporters consist of Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. These reporters all are known to deliver precise records of trial, arbitration and deposition transcripts. NAEGELI is one of the only firms that provides audio recording, free of charge, matching your transcript’s text so that you can ensure all transcription statements are correct.

When dealing with settlements or trials, possessing a matching audio recording is a crucial benefit. Wilmington lawyers know that it’s better to replay the audio of the recording rather than going over a cold transcript file with opposing counsel, a jury, or a judge. If you ask for it, our Wilmington court reporters can present you with rough drafts upon the day’s closing, which will allow you to review testimony and preliminary rulings immediately.

NAEGELI provides a wide variety of legal solutions for all of your depositions and hearings. You can pick your own court reporter, view online scheduling, stay on top of case management, or even locate a complimentary conference room through NAEGELI’s services. NAEGELI has an outstanding record of providing the best transcript and archiving on the market for all attorneys, corporate legal departments, and government agencies. Time and again, NAEGELI’S Wilmington court reports have offered the best and most skilled court reporting services across the country. With over thirty-five years of experience, our Scheduling and Transcript Departments will pay special attention to your calendar and all of your needs, helping to provide you with customizable services that will assist both you and the clients you serve. NAEGELI promises to give you the best service available, allowing you to focus on your main goal of winning your case.

NAEGELI also provides highly qualified court reporters in nearby cities such as Edgewmoor Delaware, Talleyville Delaware, Fairfax Delaware, Montchanin Delaware, Greenville Delaware, Holly Oak Delaware and nationwide!


NAEGELI brings you another powerful option with their Videography Team, which offers you formidable assistance when it comes to your cases, remote meetings, video conferences, or training sessions, giving both you and your clients an edge. You’ll get the most from our professional Wilmington videography team, bringing to you a live experience and visual evidence to utilize for your trials and settlements. Depending on whether you need assistance with video conferences, streaming video, or deposition recordings, NAEGELI’S Wilmington videographers can provide your case with powerful solutions to help make your visual evidence impactful. Our videography team brings vast technological experience, a comprehension of state and federal laws, and an understanding of how visual evidence can affect people in depositions. With NAEGELI’s videographers, you will possess a powerful array of visual tools.

Many Wilmington Delaware attorneys are bringing videos to depositions because they realize how strong both body language and tone of voice can be. A video of testimony allows your case more integrity during trial. Our Wilmington, Delaware videography team can provide you recordings in a multitude of formats, recording with the best and most modern equipment on the market.

As part of our dedication to providing the best litigation support services on the market, we also offer synchronized video transcripts alongside high-quality video snippets. The video snippets we provide sync to your transcripts, saving you time and allowing you to easily work the presentations into your trial plans.

NAEGELI’s videography team also can match external transcript videos and court exhibits into clips, with matching testimony for maximum impact. Syncing your transcripts to the video evidence lets you easily impeach a lying witness if the witness contradicts himself or herself easily through a video presentation. As you present the video, the transcript can also be presented showing the testimony, and highlighted as the witness speaks. This is an effective litigation tool for attorneys in Wilmington. When judges and juries see a witness contradicting him or herself on video, the witness’s lies are undeniable. Our Wilmington, Delaware videography team provides the most persuasive video trial tools you can buy.


An important avenue of communication for you, video conferencing will let you connect easily with important individuals when you are not able to meet with them in person. Video conferencing can save you and your clients a fortune, because it is less expensive than forcing individuals to travel and meet face-to-face. Using our video conferencing options, you can still achieve the same powerful visual imagery with your depositions, even if your deponent is located far away.

Our Wilmington, Delaware video conferencing services can help bring your deposition to your doorstep while avoiding the high cost of travel. We have a team of experts that can handle all of your video conferencing needs, including scheduling, possible technical problems, and testing, so that your sole focus is your deposition.

With our video conferencing services, you will see your deponent on a high-definition screen, making sure you can read all body language. Once the deposition is over, you can relax with a friend or grab some lunch.

If you are worried about cost, realize that we provide video conferencing proposals and prices prior to charging you and completing the services, so you will know the costs of the conference before deciding to go through with the event. Most of the time, video conferencing will be the clear answer, costing less time and money since you will not need to travel to another state to meet with your deponent.

NAEGELI’S Wilmington video conferencing services can assist you with depositions, multi-site-training, or witness preparation. Our team of video conferencing specialists is dedicated to saving you time and money, while providing exceptional services. Nationwide, legal professionals trust us and our reputation, to assist them with their business and legal video conferencing requests.


Providing you with over 35 years of legal assistance, our Wilmington Delaware Transcription Team is renowned for their ability to produce transcription requests with a fast turnaround time and unrivaled accuracy.

Don’t be stuck depending on your heavily burdened staff to make your transcripts from a recording, since this process can be both inefficient and costly later. To date, more and more legal professionals choose NAEGELI’s audio file encryption methods to effectively make their recordings into complete, indexed transcripts, redeeming both their time and costs with better and more reliable transcripts. You can rely on NAEGELI to produce efficient and consistent transcripts from a wide variety of recordings, including interviews, focus groups, statements, conferences, and group trainings. Our talented Wilmington Delaware staff of transcription experts is known for quality listening. In order to ensure that you receive the best transcript services possible, we employ a Registered Diplomate Reporter to monitor all of our Transcription Department services.

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial completes all transcription projects with the highest commitment, because we realize that our work also affects your ability to win cases.

NAEGELI’s expert Wilmington Transcription Department delivers transcriptionists that are proficient in both business and legal lexicons. As such, we will reliably produce your transcripts by your given deadline with unsurpassed accuracy. We understand that a high degree of excellence is required for fantastic legal transcription services. As such, we provide you with the latest technology and our serious commitment to superb service, two factors that have made NAEGELI so successful as a legal transcription service.


NAEGELI provides legal professionals across the nation with experienced, certified and credentialed interpreters. We possess interpreters that can service you in over 200 languages, as well as American Sign Language. Our interpreters are adept at providing simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, and are available to fulfill of your interpreter requirements at a moment’s notice.

With over 10 years of experience in the interpretation business, NAEGELI has earned an excellent name for providing businesses and legal professionals in Wilmington Delaware with the most experienced and accurate interpreters on the market. Our interpreters have completed thousands of projects in Wilmington Delaware and throughout the nation. If you need an interpreter for anything, including depositions, trials, business functions, or focus groups, NAEGELI provides you with the most professional and competent interpreters available.

NAEGELI also provides interpreters on-call, ensuring you get an interpreter that matches all of your requirements. All of our interpreters are talented and experienced. If you need a German, Chinese, Russian, or Polish interpreter, rely on NAEGELI to deliver the most skilled interpreter at any phase of the legal process.


The NAEGELI trial presentation team excels at producing high-tech trial presentations to satisfy every trial requirement. Our Wilmington certified trial presentation consultants have years of experience delivering compelling trial media presentations, accommodating the most complex trial experiences. At NAEGELI, you won’t find a one-size-fits-all tactic. We know that you have your own way of doing things, so we do our research and listen to your needs, to meticulously understand your needs. Our practice is based on years of experience, so we are dedicated to your litigation success from beginning to end. Whether you need trial presentation software, equipment, or demonstratives, NAEGELI has your back through the entire process.

Rely on your dedicated Wilmington trial support consultant to tackle every aspect of your case presentation, from pre-hearing strategies to eleventh hour additions. NAEGELI frees you up to focus on your most persuasive arguments, by eliminating the disruption that developing multi-media presentations cause. As a comprehensive litigation solution, NAEGELI saves you and your clients’ budget and resources. We are dedicated to rescuing you and your staff from tight administrative and technological learning curves. Our Wilmington trial presentation team will flawlessly integrate your evidentiary and discovery materials, testimony, and case documents, ensuring fast, easy access.

Your clients have earned the most impactful presentation of their evidentiary materials that you can provide. For attorneys requiring strategic and comprehensive presentation packages, NAEGELI delivers customized trial presentation and courtroom support to for mediations, arbitrations, and trials. We are also one a handful of companies that offer experienced Certified Trial Presenters in convenient locations in Delaware and throughout the U.S.

Why Choose Naegeli?

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial Ranked number one Court Reporting Firm by New York Weekly. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial awarded best court reporting firm Nationwide by US Reporter. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial named one of the top ten best places to work in the legal industry by Portland News.


Thank you for the outstanding service and technical support that your firm provided to me and my New York co-counsel in our arbitration proceeding. You did an excellent job, especially given that the raw video footage and audio soundtrack we provided to you were of poor quality. The arbitration panel and all the lawyers in the room agreed that your presentation saved testimony that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to understand.
Jefferey A. Bowersox
Bowersox Law Firm, PC
In my legal practice, I do not hesitate to recommend the court reporting and videography services of NAEGELI Deposition and Trial to attorneys. For over 10 years, I have consistently been impressed with both their court reporters and their ancillary services as being of the highest standards in the industry. Their professionalism, timeliness of delivery, quality and accuracy of transcripts, and video services are unparalleled.
Paul Blaylock, MD JD

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