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Tucson is the second-largest city in the state of Arizona. Sometimes referred to as the “City of Sunshine” due to its warm, dry climate, Tucson is set within the picturesque Sonora Desert region. The wide variety of cultural activities and natural attractions make the city an enjoyable destination for those wishing to escape from winter weather.

Visitors to Tucson will no doubt be enchanted by the mix of Old West roots and all the markings of a thriving and trend-setting metropolis. Nature lovers can immerse themselves in the desert landscape by visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, or travel just outside the city to see the varied flora and fauna first hand at Saguaro National Park or Tucson Mountain Park. History buffs can visit the Mission San Xaver del Bac or the El Presidio Historic District to get a feel for the cultural influences of the region.

Tucson’s vibrant visual and performing arts scene makes the city home to a number of galleries and museums. Old Tucson Studios plays host to a number of concerts and live entertainment, and has many sets that have been used in a wide range of John Wayne films. Tuscon was also the first city to be deemed a World City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

NAEGELI is located in the heart of downtown Tucson. Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Tucson office is located 10 miles from the Tucson International Airport. NAEGELI offers multiple conference rooms, equipped with ultramodern technology and a contemporary feel.

Tucson Court Reporters

If you’re on the hunt to find some of the leading court reporters in the nation, look no further than NAEGELI. Our court reporters in Tucson Arizona are some of the best in the country, and hold themselves to the highest standards of precision and timeliness. Many of NAEGELI’s Tucson Arizona court reporters are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters who are adept at transcribing any proceeding, from depositions to trials.

NAEGELI is one of the few companies in Tucson to offer a free audio recording with your deposition that is synched to your transcript. Attorneys frequently integrate the recorded audio into their trial strategy, rather than just simply reading a cold transcript. These audio recordings are often pivotal when it comes to a settlement conference or trial. We at NAEGELI understand that the accuracy of testimony is tantamount, which is why our complimentary audio recordings are synchronized to the text. This synchronization guarantees that the recording can be verified with 100% confidence. Additionally, we offer rough drafts upon request so you are able to review the day’s proceedings and form your strategy for your next engagement.

NAEGELI consistently furnishes attorneys, government agencies, and corporate legal departments with the most detailed and precise transcript and exhibit archiving services available. Whether it’s a deposition or hearing transcript you need, we’ve got your back! Turn to NAEGELI for unrivaled court reporters, effortless online scheduling, complimentary conference rooms, and case management services.

With over 35 years of experience, NAEGELI’s Scheduling and Transcript Teams are some of the most engaged and conscientious in the nation. We consistently deliver personalized, hassle-free assistance. Our skilled Tucson court reporters are the epitome of dependability, which means that you’re more able to litigate your case effectively.

NAEGELI’s proficient court reporters are also available in nearby cities such as Three Points Arizona, Green Valley Arizona, Marana Arizona, Valencia West Arizona, Sierra Vista Arizona, Benson Arizona and throughout the nation!

Tucson Videography

Use NAEGELI if you are looking for a compelling visual solution for your deposition, remote meeting, training session, or video conferencing needs. Our experienced and professional Video Department is dedicated to giving you a great product at a fair price that will benefit you and your clients. Our videographers are proficient in producing deposition recordings, video conferences, and video streaming. Drawing on years of experience, they enhance the deposition experience while capturing unique visual evidence for use in litigation and trial. The videography services at NAEGELI gives you the ability to draw upon a variety of cutting-edge tools to make sure your evidence is visually compelling and expressive.

We at NAEGELI understand that depositions are more than just technical familiarity, or knowledge of state and federal guidelines, but are also about human emotions and expression. Pure content is often a tiny part of communication, and many Tucson Arizona attorneys are incorporating video into their depositions because of how influential and effective it can be. High-tech video often engenders a higher sense of credibility in the courtroom, and our Tucson Arizona videographers are prepared to produce proceedings across a variety of formats to supply you with a powerful presentation.

NAEGELI’s team of legal video experts are committed to full-service litigation support, and are able to sync external transcript videos and exhibits as clips, as demonstratives, or for simple side-by-side comparison – all seamlessly integrated into your trial materials.

Have a witness that you want to impeach? NAEGELI can provide you with video of the testimony synchronized to the witness’ transcript. In this way, the judge can see the witness testifying, along with his or her words highlighted on the screen simultaneously. Able to hear and see the witness testifying makes it easier for the judge to make a determination as to the veracity of the witness in court.

NAEGELI’s Tucson Arizona videographers recognize that when you’re in trial, you will want to make sure the whole story is conveyed. Video always tells the whole story, and is usually much more convincing to a judge or jury than just reading from a transcript.

Tucson Video Conferencing

Traveling to meet face-to-face is costly and time consuming. Video conferencing gives you the ability to conduct meetings and depositions from anywhere in the country with the same impact as an in-person meeting. Video conferencing with NAEGELI on our high-definition screens means you will be back to your office, or home for dinner, in no time – and spend less time traveling from place to place. Concerned about costs? Our team provides comprehensive, no-obligation proposals that let you know the fees up front, with no hidden surprises or last-minute expenses.

During litigation, your key focus should be on the witness in front of you. Let NAEGELI’s Tucson Arizona video conferencing professionals handle the details of your deposition, including researching, testing, technical issues, and scheduling details.

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to preparing a witness, taking a deposition, or conducting a firm-wide training, and our video conferencing and streaming services will ensure that everything is seamlessly facilitated. Let NAEGELI’s Tucson video conferencing service bring the deposition or meeting to you!

Tucson Transcription

NAEGELI’s Tucson Arizona Transcription Department is renowned for their ability to finish projects in a prompt manner while upholding strict and rigorous accuracy standards. With over 35 years of experience, you only work with the experts when you work with NAEGELI. Many attorneys and paralegals turn to our transcription services to alleviate administrative staff workloads while saving money for their practices. Our state-of-the-art encrypted audio file management system transforms your recordings into a professionally typed document, and stores all information in a secure manner.

You can rely on our talented Tucson Arizona transcriptionists to tackle any project, including videotapes, meetings, statements, conferences, focus groups, interviews, and telephone conferences. We at NAEGELI only take on transcriptionists with top-notch skills in syntax and listening, and employ a Registered Diplomate Reporter to oversee the entire Transcription Department. Everyone in the department takes on each assignment in a purposeful manner, as we understand how important our transcription services are to you.

Need someone with a firm grasp of legal or business terminology? Our experienced Tucson transcriptionists are well versed in the specialized language of law and business, and can provide you with transcripts in a timely manner with unrivaled accuracy. NAEGELI combines industry-leading technology and a dedication to first-rate service to deliver superb transcription service to attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the country.

Tucson Interpreters

NAEGELI employs the most experienced, certified and credentialed interpreters available and delivers them to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Did you know that our interpreters speak over 200 languages, including American Sign Language? Stand back and watch them adeptly translate either both simultaneously or consecutively. With over 10 years of interpreting service under our belts, NAEGELI has garnered an exceptional reputation for delivering exemplary Tucson Arizona interpreter and court reporting services. Our interpreters have successfully completed thousands of projects in Tucson and across the nation, including trials, depositions, conferences and focus groups. Last minute interpreter needs are no problem, with NAEGELI at your side.

To ensure you receive the best interpreter for your requirements, NAEGELI interpreters are available when you need them. Our interpreters are skilled, precise, and professional. Whether you are looking for a Bridgeport area Spanish, Russian, or Portuguese interpreter, put your trust in NAEGELI to take locate competent and capable interpreters to support you at every stage of the legal process.

Tucson Trial Presentation

The NAEGELI trial presentation team stands at-the-ready to deliver technologically superior trial presentations to satisfy all of your courtroom needs. Our Tucson trial presentation professionals are adept at crafting trial media materials that are compelling and impactful. Drawing upon our years of experience and state-of-the-art trial presentation equipment, software, and demonstratives, the NAEGELI trial team is responsive to your specific requirements. We get that trials are fluid and unique. We get that what works for one attorney does not work with another. From file to trial, we collaborate with your style to secure success.

While you’re working on your best arguments and preparing your case, NAEGELI’s Tucson trial support consultants are hard at work on your case presentation. Avoid the stress of creating multi-media evidentiary materials for trial, and let NAEGELI do the heavy lifting, from pre-trial planning to on-call trial solutions. Since we are a one-stop-shop, you save time, energy, and money while you watch your testimony, case documents and evidence be situated for seamless retrieval.

NAEGELI is one of a few firms that offer extensively trained Certified Trial Presenters, and positions them in key locations across Arizona and the United States. We know that your clients deserve a trial where the evidence presented is top-notch and influential, and our support ensures a presentation package designed to impress and influence at your trial, mediation, or arbitration.

When your case is underway, the pressure is on. NAEGELI knows how critical it is to get something done right and on-time. From the simplest to the most complex cases, our office in Tucson Arizona provides you with cost-effective solutions. Every time you work with NAEGELI, you will only get the finest service.


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The Pima County Superior Court is located just minutes from our office.

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