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Scottsdale is a city in the state of Arizona that is adjacent to the Greater Phoenix Area. Known as “The West’s Most Western Town”, Scottsdale’s lively culture, sunny climate, and buzzing nightlife has led some to compare it with South Beach in Miami.

Scottsdale’s proximity to the stunning Sonoran Desert makes the city an attractive destination for nature lovers. Visitors can head to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve to take in the picturesque scenery via a number of hiking paths, or simply sit and admire the many colorful sunsets. The city itself is a juxtaposition of Western charm and modern amenities, filled with Frank Lloyd Wright architecture and sites like Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, or Old Town. Scottsdale’s downtown is chock full of activity, and often plays host to a number of entrepreneurial events, car auctions and performing arts shows.

Food lovers will feel right at home among the many innovative restaurants in the city, which draw their inspiration from Southwestern staples and food from across the world. Scottsdale’s also a hub for handicrafts and turquoise jewelry from neighboring Native American tribes. The city is a Spring Training site for Major League Baseball, and the Arizona Fall League gives many of baseball’s rising stars a chance to showcase their talents.

Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Scottsdale office is located a half-hour from the ­­­­­Scottsdale Airport. NAEGELI offers multiple conference rooms, which are fully equipped, tastefully decorated and well suited for any legal needs.

Scottsdale Court Reporters

NAEGELI is widely known as the finest in the country when it comes to providing court reporters to legal professionals. Our pool of Scottsdale court reporters include Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters who pride themselves on providing the most accurate record of proceedings and deposition transcripts currently available. NAEGELI is one of the only Scottsdale firms to offer a courtesy audio recording synchronized with the text of your transcript, letting you rest assured that the testimony is accurate. These synchronized audio recording can be indispensable in a settlement conference or trial. Many attorneys have found it far more effective to play back the audio instead of reading a cold transcript to opposing counsel, judges and juries. Upon request, our Scottsdale court reporters can provide rough drafts at the end of each day, enabling you to quickly review testimony and any preliminary rulings.

NAEGELI delivers all-inclusive legal solutions for your deposition or hearing. From hand-selected court reporters and online scheduling to case management and complimentary conference rooms, NAEGELI consistently delivers the most accurate transcript and exhibit archiving currently available to attorneys, government agencies and corporate legal departments.

NAEGELI’s Scottsdale court reporters offer the most trusted and professional court reporting across the nation. With over 35 years of experience, our Scheduling and Transcript Team is dedicated to managing your deposition calendar, which means that you get headache-free service customized to you and your clients. NAEGELI provides you the freedom to concentrate on your core competency: winning your case.

NAEGELI also offers experienced and qualified court reporters in nearby cities such as Glendale Arizona, Phoenix Arizona, Tempe Arizona, Gilbert Arizona, Peoria Arizona, Peoria Arizona and nationwide!

Scottsdale Videography

The NAEGELI Videography Team provides powerful video solutions for your depositions, arbitrations, training sessions or remote meetings – at a distinctive cost savings that benefits both you and your clients. Our expert, trained Scottsdale videographers deliver a more formal deposition experience, allowing you to harness the impact of live visual evidence for use at trial, or to encourage settlement. Whether you require deposition recording, international video conferencing or video streaming, NAEGELI’s Scottsdale videography services link your case to a wide variety of formidable tools to ensure your evidence is visually compelling and communicative.

Combining technical know-how, a deep understanding of state and federal guidelines and a solid grasp of the human side of depositions, NAEGELI’s videography team affords you potent presentation tools.

Most Scottsdale Arizona lawyers are incorporating video with their deposition because they know that communication less about content and more about tone and body language. When you have a video recording of testimony, you bring a greater level of credibility in the courtroom. Our Scottsdale Arizona videographers can record proceedings in a variety of formats, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

As part of our dedication to comprehensive litigation support, we offer video transcript synchronization, along with archival-quality digital images. These video clips are synced to the transcripts and can be seamlessly incorporated into your trial presentation materials. NAEGELI’s team of legal video specialists can also synchronize external transcript videos and exhibits as clips, as demonstratives, or for direct side-by-side analysis.

Synchronizing your transcript to the video testimony enables you to effectively impeach a witness by showing the witness contradicting his or herself, live on video. As the video plays, the transcript presents the deponent’s testimony, highlighted as they speak. This tactic has become a crucial litigation tool for legal professionals in Scottsdale. They’ve found that when a judge or jury sees the witness testifying on video, they are more easily convinced of the witness’ lack of credibility. Our Scottsdale Arizona videographers offer you the tools necessary to make your case presentation as impactful as possible.

Scottsdale Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the best way to quickly connect with important contacts when you can’t meet in person. Ditch the high cost and hassle of travel. With video conferencing, you can get the same face-to-face impact from your depositions, whether your deponent is in the next town or the next country. With Scottsdale Arizona video conferencing services, we bring your deposition to you.

Our professional video conferencing experts are adept at handling all of the details of your deposition, including scheduling, testing and technical issues, so you can focus on your deposition. You will be able to view your deponent or interviewee on a high definition screen, so you won’t miss important twitches, facial expressions or mannerisms. Once your deposition or meeting is complete, you can return to your office or catch a meal with a friend within minutes, not hours. Concerned about cost? We prepare comprehensive video conferencing proposals ahead of time, so you know your costs in advance without obligation. In many cases, video conferencing will cost you less than the time it might take you to travel to meet your deponent in another state.

Whether you are taking a deposition, conducting a multi-site training, or preparing a witness, NAEGELI’s Scottsdale video conferencing team is committed to saving you precious time and resources. Legal professionals across the nation trust us to deliver leading-edge video conferencing and streaming technology for all of their business and legal needs.

Scottsdale Transcription

With over 35 years of experience, our Scottsdale Arizona Transcription Department has earned a cherished reputation for fulfilling assignments with the highest degree of accuracy and timeliness. Relying on your overly burdened administrative staff to develop transcripts from a recording is inefficient and can cost you more down the line. More legal professionals are relying on NAEGELI’s secure and encrypted audio file management system to efficiently transform their recordings into fully indexed transcripts, saving them money and staff resources.

Trust NAEGELI to quickly create accurate transcripts from videotape or audiotapes of interviews, statements, conferences, focus groups and trainings. Our skilled Scottsdale Arizona transcriptionists have exceptional talents for listening and syntax. In line with our promise to provide you with the highest quality transcripts, we enlist a Registered Diplomate Reporter to supervise our Transcription Department processes. At NAEGELI Deposition and Trial, we take our transcription commitments very seriously because we know what is riding on our work and yours.

NAEGELI’s experienced and capable Scottsdale transcriptionists are fluent in business and legal terminology. We are dedicated to delivering your transcripts by your deadline and with unrivaled meticulousness. When searching for legal transcription services, we know that outstanding quality is a necessity. Bleeding-edge technology and our commitment to providing industry-leading service have made NAEGELI the premier legal transcription provider for lawyers, paralegals, and legal teams throughout the country.

Scottsdale Interpreters

NAEGELI provides highly qualified certified and credentialed interpreters across the nation. Our interpreters speak over 200 languages, including American Sign Language. Our experienced interpreters are adept at both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. With years of excellent service, we have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality Scottsdale Arizona interpreting services and reliable court reporting services. We have successfully finished thousands of projects in Scottsdale Arizona and throughout the country. Whether you need an interpreter for trials or depositions, focus groups or business meetings, if you need a top-notch interpreter, NAEGELI has you covered!

NAEGELI interpreters are available on-call, so that you are sure to receive the interpreter that best matches your needs. Our interpreters are skilled, detailed and experienced. When it comes to the most qualified Spanish interpreters in Scottsdale, our reputation is unmatched. Whether you require a Scottsdale area Russian, Polish, or Chinese interpreter, NAEGELI removes the guesswork from locating capable and professional interpreters to support you and your clients at any phase of the legal process.

Scottsdale Trial Presentation

The NAEGELI trial team can take on the technological heavy lifting and let you focus on trial strategy! With the highest-quality trial presentation equipment, software and demonstratives, NAEGELI is fully outfitted to address your distinctive courtroom requirements. Our Scottsdale certified trial presentation professionals are experienced in ensuring your trial media is presented effectively and proficiently. Every case is unique and every trial a dynamic one. At NAEGELI, we understand that lawyers have their own approach to trying a case, so ours is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Combining our knowledge and years of experience, we warrant your success from file to trial.

When you work with NAEGELI, you benefit from a dedicated Scottsdale trial support consultant, who deals with all facets of case presentation, from pre-trial strategy to on-call trial solutions. NAEGELI enables you to concentrate on your soundest, cogent arguments, without the formidable stress of preparing multi-media evidentiary materials for trial. Relying on NAEGELI’s comprehensive, one-stop solution saves time, energy, and your budget and frees your staff from laborious administrative and technological learning curves. From conference room to courtroom, our trial presentation team flawlessly incorporates your testimony, case documents, and evidentiary and discovery materials for easy retrieval.

Your clients deserve to have their case evidence presented at trial in the most impactful, compelling way possible. NAEGELI delivers trial presentation and courtroom assistance to clients requiring across-the-board strategic presentation materials for court trials, mediation, and arbitration. For your convenience, NAEGELI is one of the few firms to offer trained and qualified Certified Trial Presenters in deliberately placed locations throughout Arizona and across the country.

NAEGELI’s Scottsdale Arizona team delivers economical legal solutions for cases simple to complex. Boasting one of the leading support personnel in the nation, NAEGELI appreciates the urgency of deadlines and the value of performing your project right the first time. We promise you reliable, quality services every time we work together.


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