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San Diego is nestled along the Pacific Ocean and is adjacent to the border with Mexico. The city is sometimes referred to as the birthplace of California. The year-round temperate climate is billed as one of the most desirable in the United States. Warm ocean temperatures and plenty of sun makes San Diego a delightful destination for surfing or just walking along the many miles of beach.

The city proper is a bustling metropolis, and is home to a plethora of historical and cultural attractions. An urban revitalization in the 1980s saw the city grow rapidly with new construction. Animal enthusiasts can enjoy the world-famous San Diego Zoo or visit some of the impressive aquatic parks. San Diego is also home to several Spanish missions that pay homage to the city’s founding roots, and some areas of the Old Town are also state historical parks.

The city’s reputation as a hotspot for watersport enthusiasts is well deserved. San Diego Bay has been considered one of the best natural harbors on the West Coast and is a great location to kayak, windsurf, jet ski, or boat.

San Diego’s location in Southern California provides easy access to a number of attractions in the surrounding area. The Borrego Desert and Cuyamaca Mountains are only around an hour drive from the city. NAEGELI is conveniently located and available 24 hours a day. The NAEGELI San Diego office is located just a few miles from the San Diego International Airport. NAEGELI provides multiple conference rooms, equipped with state of the art technology and a modern feel.

San Diego Court Reporters

NAEGELI is well respected amongst legal professionals for its quality when it comes to delivering highly skilled court reporters in California and across the country. Our pool of San Diego court reporters boasts a number of Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. All of our San Diego California court reporters take great pride in delivering precise transcripts on-time. NAEGELI is one of the only San Diego companies to offer complimentary audio recordings, synced to the text of your deposition transcripts, enabling you to have confidence in the accuracy of testimony. Audio recordings of the proceedings can play a crucial role in during trial or settlement negotiations, where audio testimony has a greater impact than reading cold testimony. NAEGELI court reporters are also skilled at providing trial transcripts. Most attorneys want a draft copy of their transcripts in-hand as soon as possible after the testimony. Our professional court reporters are able to provide rough drafts within hours of request.

NAEGELI prides itself on delivering comprehensive legal solutions when it comes to covering your deposition or hearing. Offering complimentary smart-conference rooms, online scheduling and case management, as well as superior court reporters, NAEGELI provides attorneys and in-house legal departments with accurate transcript and exhibit archiving services.

NAEGELI’s San Diego court reporters provide the most capable and reliable court reporting in the nation. Our Scheduling and Transcript Departments bring over 35 years of commitment to overseeing your deposition calendar, promising stress-free support tailored to you and your clients. NAEGELI provides you the freedom to focus on your core competency: winning your trial.

NAEGELI also provides highly qualified court reporters in nearby cities such as La Jolla California, Ocean Beach California, Carlsbad California, Oceanside California, Escondido California, San Marcos California and throughout the country!

San Diego Videography

The NAEGELI Videography Team delivers a powerful visual solution for your recording needs, from remote meetings, training sessions and depositions to your video conferencing requirements – at an unbelievable cost savings. Our experienced and professional San Diego videographers provide a more impactful deposition by capturing genuine visual evidence for use in any stage of litigation. Whether you need deposition recordings, multi-site video conferencing or video streaming, NAEGELI’s San Diego video team ensures that your case profits from evidence that is visually compelling and persuasive.

By leveraging their understanding of the human side of depositions, their technical expertise, and solid grasp of state and federal, NAEGELI provides you with powerful trial presentation tools. Communication is far more about body language and tone than it is about content. Why leave your evidence flat in a transcript when you can present the full spectrum of the witness’ testimony on video? More and more San Diego California attorneys are utilizing video depositions to convey a higher level of formality along with a higher degree of integrity in the courtroom. Our San Diego videographers can provide video files in a variety of formats, using state-of-the-art videography equipment.

NAEGELI offers video transcript synchronization and archival-quality digital images as part of our commitment to comprehensive litigation solutions. Our team of litigation specialists can help integrate video excerpts and synchronized transcripts directly into your trial presentation materials, including syncing external exhibits and transcript videos as clips, as demonstratives, or for basic side-by-side comparison.

Synchronizing your transcript to your video is a highly effective way to impeach a witness. Nothing is more effective in convincing a jury that the witness is less-than-credible than playing a video clip of the witness contradicting themselves onscreen. By synchronizing the transcript to the video, NAEGELI allows you to highlight the witness’ words next to the video, as they are being said, a method that has become essential during trial for many attorneys. Letting a judge or jury to perceive the witness testifying in their own words, instead of making them listen to an attorney read the transcript into evidence, enables them to use all of their faculties to make a determination as to the credibility of the witness. Our San Diego California videographers deliver visual solutions for the greatest positive impact to your case.

San Diego Video Conferencing

NAEGELI’s San Diego video conferencing services enable you to depose any witness, anywhere in the world, all with the same impact of a face-to-face deposition. Have a deponent located across state lines? Video conferencing lets you go toe-to-toe with your deponent in an instant. No need to bill the client for travel time when you can conduct your deposition through video conferencing.

Trust our professional video conference experts to tackle the scheduling and logistical details of your event. Your dedicated consultants can handle any research, testing, and technical issues, allowing you to focus on your case. With our high definition video screens never miss the nuances lost in telephone conversations. When your deposition is completed, you can be back to the office or home in minutes, not hours, without the extra expense of hotels and plane travel. We gladly offer no-obligation, all-inclusive video conferencing proposals showing your costs up front. No one likes hidden fees or surprise add-ons, and neither do we.

Let NAEGELI facilitate your video conferencing and streaming needs, so you to concentrate on your case strategy. Regardless of whether you are conducting a deposition, preparing a witness, or conducting an enterprise-wide conference, NAEGELI’s San Diego video conferencing service will save you valuable time and resources. Let us bring the deposition or conference to you!

San Diego Transcription

For more than 35 years, our San Diego California Transcription Department has garnered a reputation for completing projects accurately, on-time and on-budget. The NAEGELI audio file management system seamlessly transcribes your recordings into a typed document in a secure and encrypted and process. Making your administrative staff transcribe recordings can be inefficient and could end up costing you more in the long run. Legal professionals throughout the country have praised our transcription service for increasing administrative efficiency and reducing costs.

Trust NAEGELI to securely and correctly transcribe video recordings, statements, interviews, meetings, conferences, focus groups, and telephone conferences. Our professional San Diego California transcriptionists have a high aptitude for listening and a talent for syntax. A Registered Diplomate Reporter supervises our Transcription Team, overseeing the process to ensure you high quality, flawless transcripts. We take pride in providing incomparable transcription services at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial because we understand that it’s our reputation on the line, and yours.

NAEGELI’s trained and experienced San Diego transcriptionists have a thorough understanding of business and legal terminology. We promise you delivery of accurate transcripts, with outstanding attention to detail. To uphold that commitment, we leverage industry-leading technology and exceptional human talent to provide world-class legal solutions. This is why NAEGELI is the premier legal transcription service for attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals in San Diego and across the country.

San Diego Interpreters

NAEGELI is known nationwide for its exceptionally qualified, certified and credentialed interpreters. Our interpreters speak over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, and are proficient in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Over the past ten years, we have earned an outstanding reputation for delivering quality San Diego California interpreting services and court reporting services. Our interpreters have successfully fulfilled thousands of projects in San Diego and across the country, including trials, depositions, conferences and focus groups. Have a last-minute interpreter need? NAEGELI has you covered!

Our NAEGELI San Diego interpreters are available on-call, 24/7, to ensure that you are matched with the best interpreter for your needs. Our interpreters are knowledgeable, accurate, and professional. Whether you are looking for a San Diego area Spanish, Russian, or Korean interpreter, trust NAEGELI to take the aggravation out of finding competent and experienced interpreters to assist you with your business or legal interpreter needs.

San Diego Trial Presentation

When it comes to technologically-advanced trial presentations, the NAEGELI trial presentation team is your best bet! Our San Diego certified trial presentation professionals have years of experience ensuring your trial evidence is presented efficiently and convincingly. We offer bespoke trial presentation services to fit any attorney style or preference. Here at NAEGELI, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not acceptable. Leveraging our talent and experience, we do our best to contribute to your trial success from beginning to end. NAEGELI is outfitted to cover your particular needs in the courtroom, whether you require trial presentation equipment, software or demonstratives.

Your dedicated San Diego trial support consultant can handle every aspect of your case presentation, from pre-trial strategy to per diem trial solutions. NAEGELI liberates you from the details of creating multimedia presentations so you can concentrate on making your most convincing case. As a comprehensive trial solution, NAEGELI lets you allocate your resources where they are best suited. We specialize in freeing your team from arduous administrative tasks or technological learning curves. Leave the document nightmare in the past, as our San Diego trial presentation team flawlessly integrates your testimony, case documents, and evidentiary and discovery materials for easy access during trial.

Your clients expect your full attention during their trial, and they deserve the most persuasive presentation of their evidence. NAEGELI delivers trial presentation and courtroom support to San Diego lawyers needing strategic and comprehensive presentations for trials, mediations, or arbitrations. NAEGELI is one of the few firms that provide trained Certified Trial Presenters in strategically placed locations throughout California and across the country.

NAEGELI’s San Diego California office offers comprehensive legal solutions for even the most complex case. Take advantage of one of the largest support staff in the nation. NAEGELI understands the meaning of deadlines and takes pride in serving your needs correctly, from start to finish. We promise you and your clients consistent, unparalleled quality at every step of the process.


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