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NAEGELI is located in the heart of downtown Sacramento. Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Sacramento office is located 10 miles from the Sacramento International Airport. NAEGELI provides multiple conference rooms, equipped with leading-edge technology and a contemporary atmosphere.

Sacramento Court Reporters

NAEGELI’s Sacramento office offers comprehensive legal assistance and court reporting services for even the most involved cases. Discover the benefits of having one of the largest legal support networks in the country right at your fingertips, 24/7.

Many of the court reporters at NAEGELI are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. Our Sacramento court reporters are always diligent, meticulous, and timely when it comes to the delivery of transcripts. NAEGELI has a sterling reputation in the legal community for its world-class court reporting. We are also one of the only firms of court reporters in Sacramento, California that give a free audio recording with your deposition. Audio recordings are increasingly popular with lawyers and paralegals, as playing back a recording in court is usually more persuasive and effective than just reading off of a transcript. Since the recorded audio is synced to the text in realtime, you can rest assured that the accuracy of the testimony will never be in doubt. The synchronization to the court transcript means that the entire recording is 100% verifiable. In order to promptly study the judge’s rulings and prior testimony, we also offer rough drafts each day if requested. These are just a few of the reasons why NAEGELI Sacramento court reporters are a cut above the rest.

NAEGELI’s reputation for accurate transcript and exhibit archiving precedes itself. Many attorneys, government agencies, and corporate legal departments rely on NAEGELI’s robust and all-inclusive services to cover a deposition or hearing. Turn to us if you need top-tier Sacramento court reporters, online scheduling, complimentary conference rooms, or case management.

With over 40 years of practice and diligence, NAEGELI’s Scheduling and Transcription Departments offer frustration-free assistance for your deposition calendar that is customized to what you and your client need. Our court reporters in Sacramento are some of the most capable and dependable across the nation. Let us get to work while you litigate your case.

Even if you’re outside Sacramento, NAEGELI has you covered. We also have court reporters nationwide! Book Court Reporters (Sacramento, CA)

Sacramento Videography

Our Sacramento court reporting service also expands to videography. The NAEGELI Videography Department provides potent visual tools for your recording and video needs. We deliver cost-effective videography services for remote meetings, video conferencing, training sessions, depositions, interviews, and court sessions. Our experienced and reliable Sacramento videographers bring you the power of authentic video evidence to create a more powerful and compelling case. If you need deposition recordings, international video conferences, or live video streams, NAEGELI’s Sacramento videography team is dedicated to ensuring your evidence communicates with the greatest impact in court.

NAEGELI delivers inspiring court presentation tools by combining our technical expertise, familiarity with state and federal laws, and a profound understanding of human deposition psychology. Simply recounting testimony from a deposition transcript may not be convincing enough for a judge to impeach a crafty witness in court. Too much is lost in translation because only 10% of communication is composed of the words that are spoken. The remaining 90% is body language and tone, the good stuff that gets missed in court without video recordings. Sacramento California attorneys are utilizing video depositions more and more, to deliver a greater degree of formality during the deposition process and more fidelity at trial. Utilizing sophisticated recording equipment, our Sacramento videographers can deliver video evidence files in an assortment of file formats.

NAEGELI court reporters in Sacramento also offer expert video transcript synchronization and archival-quality digital images as part of our commitment to providing across-the-board trial solutions. Our team of litigation experts seamlessly integrates video excerpts and synchronized transcripts directly into your trial presentation. Want to synchronize your external exhibits and transcript videos as clips, demonstratives, or for direct side-by-side analysis? Our litigation team has you covered when it comes to anything regarding video!

Few strategies are more effective when you want to impeach a witness than displaying the witness’ transcript synced video testimony. Utilizing this potent impeachment strategy, you are able to show the video testimony while highlighting the witness’ words verbatim as they are spoken during a deposition or interview. By seeing first-hand the witness’ contradictions via video, both judge and jury can easily determine the credibility of the witness. Our Sacramento California videographers deliver powerful video solutions to maximize your chances of success. Book Now.

Sacramento Video Conferencing

NAEGELI video conferencing services bring important contacts to your office in an instant, helping you to avoid the high costs and hassle of bringing witnesses in from distant locations. Have a witness you need to depose, but they’re located on another continent? Video conferencing delivers them to you with the click of a button, with the same impact of an in-person deposition, but without the considerable costs to your client. Let our deposition calendar team schedule the video calls and coordinate timezones. Never get confused by whose PM or AM it is while you schedule a video deposition. NAEGELI’s Sacramento video conferencing solutions allow you to depose anyone, anywhere in the world with little effort.

Our skilled video conferencing professionals are prepared to tackle every detail of your deposition, training, or meeting, from planning to scheduling. Our team works their magic to ensure that your video meeting goes off without a hitch, so you can stay on track to win your case. Our high-definition video screens capture your opponent’s non-verbal communication, just as you would with face-to-face interaction. After your video conference, you are able to head home in the early PM or back to the office without the expense and aggravation of flights and hotels. Concerned about video conferencing costs? We provide all of our clients with no-obligation video conferencing proposals ensuring your awareness of costs in advance. At NAEGELI, we believe in transparency in pricing, without any surprises or hidden fees.

NAEGELI skillfully handles video conferencing and streaming services, so you can give your case the single-minded attention it deserves. Regardless of the itinerary, NAEGELI’s Sacramento video conferencing solutions save your litigation resources by delivering important meetings to your office! Book Now

Sacramento Transcription

For over 40 years, our Sacramento California Transcription Team has gone beyond traditional court reporters, developing a reputation for successfully completing transcription assignments on time and with unsurpassed attention to accuracy. There’s no need to burden your administrative staff with the onerous job of developing typed transcripts from recordings. This approach often concludes with costly mistakes anyway. The NAEGELI audio file management method enhances your case through precision transcription of any recording. The result is a professionally indexed transcript, completed using secure and encrypted channels. Lawyers throughout the country successfully used our transcriptionists’ service to reduce costs and increase staff effectiveness.

Attorneys rely on NAEGELI Sacramento court reporting to privately and accurately transcribe video recordings, meetings, conferences, focus groups, statements, interviews, and telephone conferences. Our professional Sacramento California transcriptionists are skilled in listening and syntax. The entire NAEGELI transcription process is managed by a Registered Diplomate Reporter, who ensures that you are provided with the best possible transcripts. We know what is riding on our work, so we are committed to providing unmatched transcription services at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial.

NAEGELI’s experienced and skilled Sacramento transcriptionists have a solid command of legal and business terminology. Your transcript will be delivered on time, with unrivaled attention to detail. To accomplish this, we leverage leading-edge technology and outstanding human talent to provide exceptional litigation solutions. It’s no wonder that NAEGELI Sacramento court reporters are the premier legal transcription solution for lawyers, paralegals, and other corporate legal departments in California and throughout the U.S. Book Now.

Sacramento Interpreters

NAEGELI attracts the most experienced, certified, and credentialed interpreters obtainable, delivering them to you when you need them most – anytime, any day. Our interpreters are fluent in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language. Both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting is a breeze for them. In the past 10 years, NAEGELI has established an exceptional reputation for offering not only excellent Sacramento court reporters but outstanding interpreting services in California. Our interpreters have completed thousands of interpreting assignments with great success in Sacramento, California and throughout the nation, including depositions, conferences, trials, and focus groups. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, NAEGELI can deliver professional interpreters on a planned basis or for last-minute events.

Our interpreters are professional, precise, and experienced. Whether you are looking for a Spanish, Russian, or Hmong interpreter, rely on NAEGELI’s court reporters in California to remove the hassle of finding reliable and capable interpreters to support you at every stage of your litigation and case. Book Now.

Sacramento Trial Presentation

Regardless of your trial court needs, the NAEGELI trial presentation division provides powerful trial presentations using the latest technologies. With years of experience, our Sacramento certified trial presentation team has catered to the most dynamic court cases by producing impactful trial media presentation materials. Each attorney has their own way of doing things, so we do our due diligence to thoroughly understand the requirements of each client. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality at NAEGELI. From file to trial, we are committed to your success. Whether you require trial presentation software, equipment, or demonstratives, NAEGELI is equipped to handle your explicit needs during trial.

From pre-hearing tactics to eleventh-hour updates, you can rely on your dedicated California trial support consultant to tackle even the smallest of details for your trial presentation. NAEGELI relieves you of the disruption that creating advanced multimedia presentations require, and enables you to concentrate on your most compelling arguments. With end-to-end litigation solutions, NAEGELI saves you time and your client’s budget. Our Sacramento trial presentation department ensures that you have fast and easy access to all of your trial materials by integrating your evidentiary and discovery materials, testimony, and case documents into a cohesive package. Book Now.

Your clients deserve your best at trial. Depend on us to provide the most impressive presentation of their evidentiary materials so you can concentrate on what you do best. NAEGELI delivers customized trial presentation and courtroom assistance to attorneys needing extensive presentation packages for mediations, arbitrations, trials, or other litigation events. NAEGELI is one of only a few paralegal companies in Sacramento to provide experienced Certified Trial Presenters in strategic locations in California and across the country.

NAEGELI knows the importance of deadlines and is committed to getting your project done right and on time. We promise you and your clients consistent, unparalleled legal support during all phases of litigation.

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