Court Reporters Renton, Washington

Renton is located on the south shore of Lake Washington with breathtaking views of the Olympics, the Cascades, and Mount Rainier. Renton is the fifth largest city in King County. The Cedar River runs through the heart of downtown Renton, which offers an abundance of natural beauty. NAEGELI’s experienced team of court reporters are the source for litigation support for attorneys in Renton. We provide the array of services that are essential for attorneys working on complex cases, and we also serve attorneys with a seasoned team of court reporting professionals.

Renton Court Reporters

Court Reporting is the specialty at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial. Since 1980, NAEGELI has provided attorneys, government agencies and corporate legal departments with the most accurate record of proceedings, deposition transcripts and exhibit archiving capabilities currently available. Our Renton court reporting solutions afford your firm consistent reporter expertise and performance, transcripts with accuracy of 99% or above and the latest technology. NAEGELI provides easy deposition scheduling options, fast turnaround time and transcripts in the format you want—when you want. NAEGELI offers on-call Renton court reporters and 24-hour client service.

Renton Videography

Using the latest high-tech equipment, our Renton videographers can record proceedings in various formats. NAEGELI combines technical expertise, knowledge of state and federal guidelines and understanding of the human side of depositions in order to provide you with powerful presentation tools. NAEGELI’s Renton videography services include video synchronization, video conversion, video editing to multiple formats and video streaming (remote viewing of live testimony).

Renton Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to make visual and verbal contact instantly. Coordinating all of the parties involved in a case can prove costly or physically impossible. Our Renton video conferencing service is designed to save you valuable time and our facilities offer high-speed, high-definition connectivity and onsite technical support. You can use video conferencing to meet a variety of needs, including depositions, expert consultations, witness preparation, settlement negotiations, presentations, or general meetings.

Renton Copying And Scanning

When it comes to offering the best document copying and scanning in Renton, NAEGELI guarantees professional service, the highest level of accuracy, and prompt delivery — every time. NAEGELI offers a wide array of copying and scanning services, which include high-speed image scanning, electronic file conversion, Bates numbering, pagination, binding, database creation and optical character recognition (OCR). Our experienced staff can scan your documents, maintain the integrity of folders and provide you with electronic media containing these images. Additionally, the handling of all your documents is completely confidential, as all work is performed at a secure site.

Renton Transcription

Rely on NAEGELI to accurately and securely transcribe meetings, conferences, videotapes, focus groups, interviews, statements and telephone conferences. Our Renton transcriptionists have exceptional skills and are experts at listening and syntax. Rest assured, we have the expertise to manage any size transcription project, guaranteeing on-time delivery and meeting your urgent deadlines.

Renton Interpreters

NAEGELI provides certified language interpreters and legal translation services in over 200 languages. We also have experts in American Sign Language. We guarantee the presence of a reliable, trained interpreter to assist you and your client at any stage of the legal process. NAEGELI offers linguists with specialized legal vocabulary to interpret depositions, trials, arbitrations and other legal proceedings. Trust us to take the guesswork out of finding competent and skilled interpreters in Renton and surrounding cities!

Renton Trial Presentation

Technological developments have made trial presentation a competitive and sophisticated undertaking. With NAEGELI by your side at trial, directing the jury’s attention to the appropriate exhibits becomes a simple keystroke away. Our trial presenters will display the correct information as you speak in trial and share graphics instantaneously. Our trial presentation services in Renton allow you to simplify complex case details through demonstrative visual imagery and a multitude of software programs.

NAEGELI offers cost-effective solutions to even the most complex cases. With one of the largest support staffs in the country, NAEGELI understands the urgency of deadlines and the importance of getting the job done right the first time. For you, this means that you will have the highest quality and consistent service each and every time.


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