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NAEGELI provides Portland court reporters and a variety of other services from our Corporate Headquarters — located in the US Bancorp Tower, the tallest building in the city and state. With spectacular panoramic views and sumptuous conference rooms, NAEGELI’s Portland office is unmatched. Due to our expert Portland court reporters and our use of the most modern technology available today, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial has become the leader in litigation support and court reporting — in Portland and across the nation. From the moment you schedule, you will experience the NAEGELI advantage: World-class service at the nation’s most competitive rates.

Court Reporting

NAEGELI’s Portland court reporters provide the most experienced and reliable court reporting in the country. Our Scheduling and Transcript Departments bring over 40 years of commitment and attentiveness to your deposition calendar, which means that you receive hassle-free assistance tailored to you and your clients. NAEGELI frees you to focus on what you do best: litigating your cases.NAEGELI is known as the best in the nation when it comes to providing court reporters to the legal community. Our Portland court reporters pride themselves on accurate and timely delivery of transcripts. Many of our Portland court reporters are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. NAEGELI is the only Portland firm to provide a complimentary audio recording with your deposition; this audio recording is synced to the text, making it 100% verifiable and ensuring that…

Stenographic Court Reporting Services Official Court Reporting Services

When your client’s life or livelihood is at stake, there is no room for errors. NAEGELI understands that when you rely on their Stenographic Court Reporting services and Official Court Reporter Services, you expect the absolute best. Our highly trained, professional court reporters in Portland, Oregon offer quality court reporting with the highest degree of accuracy. For over 40 years, NAEGELI has earned a reputation for excellence in the court reporting industry. All of our professional court reporters are screened to ensure that our clients are paired with an outstanding court reporter to match your particular needs. Lawyers and judges in Portland and beyond have put their trust in NAEGELI’s court reporters and rely on them to provide an accurate record of what is being said in the courtroom or other legal proceeding. Our professional stenographic court reporters and …

Registered Merit Reporters Diplomat Reporters

It is easy to say that staff “experienced court reporters.” But successful Portland attorneys understand the different levels of court reporting experience and they realize the value of having a more advanced Registered Merit Reporter or Registered Diplomat Reporter on their case. NAEGELI’s Court Reporter, Portland Oregon Division provides a wide variety of registered court reporters, including Registered Professional Reporters– the first level of court reporters with professional training. Registered Merit Reporters– the second level of court reporters with professional training. Registered Diplomat Reporters– the third level of court reporters with professional training. Each of these registration levels requires many more hours of work as a court reporter in Portland, Oregon, as well as more rigorous testing requirements. This ensures that the reporter sitting in your …

Certified Cart Providers Broadcast Captioner Services

Do you have a live event that requires real-time captioning? NAEGELI’s Portland office provides Certified Communication Access Realtime Translation Providers (CART Providers) and Broadcast Captioner Services to business and legal professionals. With decades of experience in the transcription and court reporting field, NAEGELI is committed to remaining up-to-date on technologies that are relevant to their field. This includes providing captioning to those who are hearing-impaired. Our Certified CART Providers and Broadcast Captioning teams have real-world experience that enables them to understand specialized words, including legal, medical, scientific, technological and business terminologies. Why pay for captioning services that miss half of the words? With NAEGELI, you are relying upon a name with over four decades of experience in the field. Our Certified CART Providers and Certified …

Voice Writing Court Reporters Verbatim Court Reporters

Sometimes in the courtroom, “just the facts” does not suffice. When you want to record everything that goes on in a courtroom, then you will want to avail yourself of NAEGELI’s professional Voice Writing and Verbatim Court Reporting services in Portland, Oregon. As an attorney, you do not have time to pay attention to every single detail going on around you. How can you possibly pay attention to what is being said and how the judge or jury is reacting? Take some of the stress off of yourself and leave it to the skilled Court Reporting Specialist. Our highly-trained staff of verbatim court reporters can record everything that is said and done in a courtroom and provide a notated transcript of the proceeding. How is it possible to get all of the details you need in a deposition, arbitration or trial setting? The answer is – NAEGELI’s trained Portland verbatim court reporters, using voice …


The NAEGELI Video Department assures a powerful visual solution for your deposition, remote meeting, training session or video conferencing needs – all with a unique cost-saving process to benefit you and your clients. Our experienced and professional Portland videographers generate a more impactful deposition than a traditional deposition court reporter can. They capture unique visual evidence for use in litigation and trial. From deposition recording to international video conferencing and video streaming, NAEGELI’s Portland videography services connect your case to a wide array of powerful tools to ensure your evidence is visually compelling and expressive. NAEGELI combines technical expertise, knowledge of state and federal guidelines and understanding of the human side of depositions in order to provide you with powerful presentation tools. Communication is 10% content, 35% tone and 55% body language, so when it comes to video, you get it …

Video Conferencing

NAEGELI can also facilitate video conferencing and streaming services. Whether you are taking a deposition, conducting a firm-wide training or preparing a witness, video conferencing can help your firm save time and money. Let us bring the deposition or meeting to you! With video streaming, monitor a deposition and collaborate with your team anywhere in the world.Video conferencing allows you to make visual and verbal contact instantly. Get the same face-to-face impact from your depositions without the hassle and expense of traveling. Take advantage of our convenient Portland Oregon video conferencing services, and you will be able to take depositions from anywhere in the world with one simple phone call. NAEGELI’s Portland video conferencing service is designed to save you valuable time and resources. Scheduling is made easy with our experienced video conference specialists handling …

Copying And Scanning

Document scanning is the first step toward a digital document management system. NAEGELI makes the process as painless as possible. We will convert all of your paper documents into whatever format you prefer so that you can access and track everything electronically. NAEGELI offers a wide array of Portland scanning and copying services, which include high-speed image scanning, electronic file conversion, Bates numbering, pagination, binding, database creation and optical character recognition (OCR). Our document scanning facility has been specially designed and organized for secure, efficient, high-quality scanning. There are dedicated areas for document preparation, scanning, indexing and quality assurance. The equipment we use is the absolute best there is! Our experienced staff can scan your documents, maintain the integrity of folders and provide you with electronic media containing …


NAEGELI’s experienced and competent Portland court transcriptionists are well-versed in the terminology that is unique to the legal profession. We are also committed to preparing your transcripts promptly and with unsurpassed attention to detail. Our combination of cutting-edge technology and commitment to providing world-class service has made NAEGELI the top legal transcription service for attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the nation. When you are looking for legal transcription services, superior quality is sure to be at the top of your list of requirements.During our 35 years in the business, our Portland, Oregon Transcription Department has developed an unsurpassed reputation for completing projects accurately and timely. Typing transcripts from a recording can be costly and inefficient for your administrative staff. The NAEGELI secure and …


NAEGELI offers outstanding certified, credentialed and qualified interpreters nationwide. We often provide services for emergency and last minute sessions. Our interpreters are professional, precise and experienced. Over many years, we have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of our Portland Oregon interpreting services as well as our unsurpassed court reporting services. We have effectively completed thousands of assignments in Portland Oregon and nationwide. The scope of assignments range from trials and depositions to conferences, focus groups and business meetings.Our interpreters speak over 200 languages, and are highly accomplished in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Our depth of local and talented interpreters is crucial in reducing your costs by eliminating expensive travel, hotel and other logistical arrangements.When clients contact us to …

Trial Presentation

Your clients deserve the best, most compelling presentation of case evidence at trial. NAEGELI provides trial presentation and courtroom support to clients needing strategic and comprehensive presentation packages for court trials, mediation, or arbitration. To provide you convenience and efficiency, NAEGELI is one of the few corporations to provide extensively trained Certified Trial Presenters and has strategically placed locations throughout Oregon and the nation.Your Portland trial support consultant handles all aspects of case presentation, from pre-trial planning to team training and on-call trial solutions. NAEGELI allows you to focus on your strongest persuasive arguments without the added stress of presenting multi-media evidentiary materials in trial.From war room to courtroom, your trial team seamlessly integrates your testimony, case documents, and evidentiary and …

The NAEGELI Portland, Oregon office provides cost-effective solutions to even the most complex case. With one of the largest support staff in the country, NAEGELI understands the urgency of deadlines and the importance of getting the job done right the first time. For you, this means having the highest quality and consistent service each and every time. Let NAEGELI handle your next case, and find out why clients throughout the country are making the switch to personalized attention and full-service Portland Oregon court reporting coverage.

NAEGELI is rooted in a foundation of earned trust. Through our respectful and responsible values, we work with our communities to build world-class and ethical relationships and practices.

You may reach us at (800)528-3335 or by clicking here to be directed to our scheduling page.

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