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The Minneapolis legal community relies on NAEGELI Deposition & Trial for industry-leading court reporting services. Available 24 hours a day, our office in Minneapolis is located 30 minutes from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). NAEGELI Deposition & Trial provides a comprehensive range of litigation support for any case, including court reporting, legal transcription, videography, remote depositions, copying and scanning, professional interpreting, and trial presentation.

Court Reporting in Minneapolis

Leaders in Court Reporting

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is recognized for its exceptional court reporting services in Minneapolis and nationwide. Our network consists of highly trained and skilled court reporters who hold the highest credentials in the industry. This ensures that you receive the most accurate and reliable reporting available. Our services are designed for convenience, featuring a user-friendly online platform that makes scheduling easy and accommodates last-minute requests.

Customized Court Reporting Solutions

Each case is built uniquely, which is why we offer a range of flexible and customized court reporting solutions tailored to you. Our court reporters are experienced in handling any legal proceeding, including depositions, trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations. We provide daily copy, expedited transcripts, and can transcribe telephonic and interpreted depositions.

Meeting Requirements Beyond Reporting

At NAEGELI Deposition & Trial, we offer a comprehensive word-index of all transcripts. This tool is valuable for deposition analysis, making it easier to find important information quickly.

Video depositions are captured by our certified legal videographers. This visual format does well at capturing nuances in witness demeanor and body language that can be vital in legal proceedings.

Our Services

Court Reporting

Court Reporting

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is the leading court-reporting firm nationwide, recognized for its exceptional services in the legal industry.


With certified videographers, we capture quality video recordings of legal events, enhancing the visual presentation of evidence and witness testimonies.
Remote Depositions

Remote Depositions

Utilizing secure technology, we allow attorneys to conduct remote depositions from any location while ensuring seamless communication.
Trial Support

Trial Support

From exhibit preparation to courtroom setup, our trial support services equip attorneys with the tools needed to effectively present their cases.


Our transcription services transform audio recordings into accurate transcripts, providing attorneys with written records of proceedings.

Our Other Services in Minneapolis

Remote Depositions

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate remote depositions for attorneys in Minneapolis. Our secure platforms ensure seamless communication and technical support from any location. This flexibility allows legal professionals to conduct depositions efficiently while maintaining confidentiality and reliability.

Legal Videography

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and staffed by certified videographers, NAEGELI Deposition & Trial captures high-quality video recordings of legal proceedings in Minneapolis. These recordings enhance the presentation of evidence and testimonies, providing visual context that strengthens arguments during litigation.

Transcription Services

Our transcription services in Minneapolis convert audio and video recordings into precise, verbatim transcripts. These transcripts serve as crucial written records for attorneys, capturing details from depositions, meetings, and interviews. With our transcription services, you will have an accurate way to reference and analyze testimony in preparation for legal proceedings.

Certified Interpreters

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial offers access to a wide network of interpreters, providing interpretation services in over 200 languages. These professionals support effective communication during depositions, trials, and all other legal proceedings in Minneapolis. Whether in-person or remote, our interpreters ensure clear and accurate dialogue across language barriers.

Copying & Scanning

We provide efficient copying and scanning services in Minneapolis to digitize and print legal documents, exhibits, and evidence. These services streamline document management and organization, ensuring that attorneys have efficient access to critical information throughout the litigation process.

Trial Support

Our trial support services are designed to equip attorneys with everything necessary for effective case presentation. From exhibit preparation to courtroom setup, NAEGELI Deposition & Trial offers comprehensive support for any legal proceeding. Our Trial Presentation Specialists provide the tools, technology, and expertise to help you deliver compelling arguments and secure favorable outcomes.

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is committed to excellence in quality standards and 24/7 availability, providing reliable court reporters and litigation support services to meet the diverse needs of the Minneapolis legal community. Call us at (800) 528-3335, email, or click on our website’s chat feature.

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Why Choose Naegeli?

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial Ranked number one Court Reporting Firm by New York Weekly. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial awarded best court reporting firm Nationwide by US Reporter. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial named one of the top ten best places to work in the legal industry by Portland News.


Your philosophy of putting the ‘client first’ has shown through each of your employees from the scheduling department to your expert court reporters, videographers, and trial technicians. I have been consistently impressed with the level of professionalism I have encountered when interacting with your staff. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial is always my first choice.
Gregory Kafoury
Kafoury & McDougal
The state-of-the-art technology that you brought to the trial not only gives me immediate access to all relevant documents….it helps me and the jury understand the clients’ story in a clear, efficient, and persuasive manner. I very much appreciate the expertise, responsiveness, and flexibility that you and your firm provide.
Honorable Michael H. Simon
United States District Court

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