Court Reporters Honolulu, Hawaii

Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Honolulu court reporting office is located just a few miles from the­­­­­­­­ Honolulu International Airport. NAEGELI provides multiple conference rooms, equipped with state of the art technology and a modern board room feel.

Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Honolulu court reporting office is located just a few miles from the­­­­­­­­ Honolulu International Airport. NAEGELI has 24-hour support, multiple conference rooms, and professional court reporting and litigation support services to meet our client’s needs.

Honolulu Court Reporting

When it comes to finding superior Hawaii court reporting services, NAEGELI is renowned for its ability to deliver highly skilled court reporters to members of the legal field across the nation. We strive to recruit a high number of Honolulu court reporters that are Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters. Our Honolulu, Hawaii court reporters endeavor to provide accurate transcripts when you need them most.

NAEGELI Honolulu court reporters take the worry out of the accuracy of testimony. You can rest easy knowing our Hawaii court reporters will have your transcripts in your hand when you need them, as requested.

NAEGELI is a comprehensive solution for legal professionals attending depositions or hearings. In addition to our professional Hawaii court reporters, we provide high-tech conference rooms, online scheduling, and case management. NAEGELI provides legal professionals and government agencies with the highest quality transcript and exhibit archiving services.

NAEGELI’s Honolulu court reporters deliver the most experienced and reliable court reporting to attorneys and other legal professionals nationwide. NAEGELI has been serving attorneys and legal departments for decades with dedication and professionalism. Focus on what you do best: winning your case. Let NAEGELI do the rest.

Honolulu Videography

The NAEGELI Videography Team delivers effective visual solutions for a variety of legal and business scenarios. This includes training sessions, remote meetings, and depositions. Our experienced and professional Honolulu videographers make your deposition take on new depth by capturing live visual evidence for use in all phases of litigation. Present your best case with the help of our Honolulu, Hawaii videographers.

Honolulu Remote Depositions

Remote Depositions put you face-to-face with the people most important to the conversation in an instant. NAEGELI’s Honolulu remote deposition service allows you to depose anyone across the globe with a simple internet connection, all with the same impact as an in-person deposition. Face your deponent on a high-definition screen in a professional environment. NAEGELI will save you precious time and resources by bringing the deposition or conference to you

Honolulu Transcription

Honolulu attorneys turn to NAEGELI to confidentially and accurately transcribe video recordings, statements, interviews, meetings, conferences, focus groups, and telephone conferences. NAEGELI’s professional and skilled Honolulu transcriptionists are well-versed in business and legal terminology. We take pride in our incomparable transcription services at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial because we know how important an accurate transcript can be.

Honolulu Interpreters

NAEGELI delivers qualified and credentialed interpreters in Honolulu and across the country. We provide interpreters in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, who are adept in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. We have earned an outstanding reputation for providing excellent Honolulu, Hawaii interpreting services. Our interpreters have successfully completed thousands of projects in Honolulu and throughout the United States, including focus groups, trials, depositions, and conferences. Rely on NAEGELI to meet your interpreter needs!

Honolulu Trial Presentation

The NAEGELI trial presentation team delivers technologically advanced trial presentations to suit your trial needs. Our certified Honolulu trial presentation professionals have years of experience providing impactful trial media presentations, leading to the most dynamic trial experiences.

NAEGELI’s Honolulu, Hawaii court reporters deliver all-inclusive legal solutions for the most complicated cases. Leverage one of the largest support staff in the nation. NAEGELI appreciates the significance of deadlines and takes pride in serving your needs proficiently, from file to trial. We promise you and your clients reliable, unmatched quality at every stage of your case.

You may reach us at (800)528-3335 or by clicking here to be directed to our scheduling page.

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