Copying Scanning

Coeur D’alene, Idaho Copying Scanning

It’s no secret…litigation is a document-intensive business. Winning a case can be easier said than done, but one way to get a big edge is to have the ability to analyze, manage, and present case-critical documents in a timely fashion. NAEGELI’s copy and scanning team can be your most valuable asset in document management.

Our document scanning facilities have only the best equipment that’s specifically primed for secure and efficient document scanning. Our team works in a variety of areas dedicated for document prep, document scanning, document indexing and final quality assurance, so we at NAEGELI are well-equipped to work with you.

You don’t have to turn to anyone else besides NAEGELI for help managing your entire document lifecycle. We’re ready to assist in all phases of your document’s life, from the second it arrives on your desk to the moment you complete your case. Stay organized and stay effective with NAEGELI, through our efforts to help ensure your case documents are organized, categorized and localized for easy analysis, access, and retrieval

Coeur D’alene Document Copying And Scanning

The initial stage in any digital document management system is document scanning. Our team at NAEGELI makes the entire process simple and easy. The copy and scan professionals at NAEGELI will diligently convert every single paper documents into your desired format. This lets you analyze, access and produce everything electronically. All of the top-notch work that we do is conducted inside a HIPAA-certified facility, so you can rest easy knowing all your papers are handled discreetly.

Lawyers in Coeur d’Alene have a well-known saying: “If you’re going to copy it, you might as well scan it.” This certainly rings true today in a time with paperless offices and courts. While you’re compiling documents you want copied, why not let NAEGELI also turn them into digital files. This can slash storage costs and best of all, save lots of time on searching for documents.

Coeur D’alene Bates Numbering

Give us a call right now if you still have a Bates-stamp. Why? Because digital is the way to go today. You don’t have to spend large amounts of time stamping each page with a Bates stamp. Instead, save your wrist and turn to NAEGELI’s Coeur d’Alene Bates numbering services. We can put identifying numbers on tens of thousands of documents in a matter of minutes.

Sure, using Adobe Acrobat to electronically place Bates-numbers might seem easy, it can also lead to a lot of trouble since errors can pop up. Just use NAEGELI for your Bates-numbering needs and watch the days of mis-numbering your legal documents disappear forever.

Coeur D’alene Database Creation

Using a database can be a great way for legal professionals to keep track of an extensive amount of documents. Our database experts have a plethora of experience working with attorneys, government agencies and other legal teams throughout the country.

Coeur D’alene Pagination

It is a waste of time as a lawyer to bill out your time for formatting legal documents. Having a tired and busy legal assistant sit down to format a legal brief is also a waste of time. So why not use NAEGELI’s Coeur d’Alene document pagination specialists instead? We can paginate any document, like an extensive Complaint or Appellate Brief, exactly as you want it or in accordance with local rules.

Coeur D’alene Electronic File Conversion

It’s very important to make sure documents that are being converted maintain their integrity. Converting documents is usually a common practice in law firms, especially for when it comes to optimizing and automating document workflows.

Rest assured that NAEGELI’s file conversion team are ready to help you out. We can easily convert any paper or electronic document from its original format to the format you choose. Most importantly, the integrity of the original document will always be maintained. Attorneys in Coeur d’Alene have really learned to love how easy it is to manage documents after they’ve been converted.

Coeur D’alene Optical Character Recognition

What’s one of the technological innovations that has changed the law industry? The humble “search” function. When you run into files like PDFs or PNGs that can’t really be text searched, NAEGELI’s got you covered. We can make sure any scanned or converted documents also are optimized to recognize the text of the document using Optical Character Recognition technology. OCR technology lets anyone search for keywords throughout any PDF document.

Maybe you need to search for mentions of John Smith in your files? OCR lets you do that in a pinch. You’re going to save lots of time, and your clients will smile at the money they will save as well.

Coeur D’alene Binder & Tab Production

A winning tool in a court case is a well-prepared binder. NAEGELI has years of experience collating trial, mediation or arbitration binders that can really make a difference in trial. Binders with tabs and indexes make finding important documents a breeze. Each and every one of NAEGELI’s binders are professionally made and organized.

Coeur D’alene Document Destruction

Forget paying for document storage fees, and instead let NAEGELI do some file cleanup. Our document destruction team can take your outdated files, transport them, and then destroy them in a secure confidential manner. Give us your outdated files and let us do the rest.

The Coeur D’alene Naegeli Copy & Scan Difference

While you’re hard at work on your case, NAEGELI takes care of everything else. We’re adept at managing all aspects of your client information lifecycle, from creation through production and archiving. You’ll find our skills in off-site legal copying and scanning are unmatched.

We’re always out striving to exceed client expectations while maintaining a good price point. Some of the services we can do include legal document scanning, legal copy services, electronic forensics, document retrieval, trial exhibit production, and document destruction.

From trial to file, NAEGELI’s got your back. Our Coeur d’Alene litigation specialists guarantee professional service, the highest level of accuracy, and rapid delivery of work. We’re the best place to go in Coeur d’Alene for top quality document copying and scanning.