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NAEGELI is located in the heart of downtown Charlotte. Available 24 hours a day, the NAEGELI Charlotte office is located just 30 miles from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. NAEGELI offers highly-trained, certified court reporters as well as multiple conference rooms, equipped with modern technology and a contemporary feel.

Charlotte Court Reporters

The NAEGELI team of court reporters in Charlotte, NC includes a variety of Registered Professional Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters, all of whom excel in providing precise transcripts, precisely when you need them. NAEGELI is one of a few Charlotte companies to provide a complimentary audio recording, synced to the transcript of your deposition, certifying the accuracy of testimony. Transcript-synced audio recordings can be crucial tools during trials or settlement discussions because authentic audio testimony is often more convincing than listening to testimony being read from a transcript.

NAEGELI’s Charlotte court reporters are also skilled in capturing hearing transcripts. We know that most lawyers need draft transcripts delivered as soon after the testimony as possible. Your NAEGELI court reporter will have your draft transcript to you as soon as possible upon request.

NAEGELI takes pride in offering all-inclusive deposition and trial solutions from our North Carolina court reporters. Whether you require a state-of-the-art conference room, online scheduling or case management assistance, or experienced court reporters, NAEGELI has your back. We provide Charlotte lawyers, public entities and corporate legal departments with accurate transcript and exhibit archiving services.

NAEGELI’s Charlotte court reporters bring integrity and professionalism to every court reporting assignment. For the over 35 years, our Scheduling and Transcript Departments have adroitly handled deposition calendars for lawyers and law firms in the U.S., promising stress-free assistance personalized to you and your clients. NAEGELI unburdens you so you can concentrate on your main directive: litigating your case.

NAEGELI also provides highly qualified court reporters in Charlotte, NC as well as nearby cities and across the nation!

Charlotte Videography

Our NAEGELI Videography Division delivers powerful visual tools for your recording requirements. We offer cost-effective videography solutions for training sessions, depositions, remote meetings, video conferencing and interviewing.

Charlotte Video Conferencing

NAEGELI video conferencing solutions deliver your key contacts to your office instantaneously, without the extra cost and stress of a face-to-face meeting. Have an out-of-state witness you need to depose? Video conferencing can bring them to you, with the same benefits of an in-person deposition, but without the added costs to your client.

Charlotte Transcription

Charlotte attorneys turn to NAEGELI to confidentially and precisely transcribe video recordings, statements, interviews, meetings, conferences, focus groups, and telephone conferences. Our skilled Charlotte North Carolina transcriptionists are expert listeners with a talent for syntax.

Charlotte Interpreters

NAEGELI recruits the most experienced, certified and credentialed interpreters around and makes them available to you 24/7. Our interpreters speak more than two-hundred languages, including American Sign Language and excel in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

Charlotte Trial Presentation

The NAEGELI trial presentation team delivers technologically advanced trial presentations to suit all of your trial needs. Our Charlotte certified trial presentation professionals have years of experience providing impactful trial media presentations, catering to the most dynamic trial experiences.

NAEGELI’s Charlotte North Carolina office delivers all-inclusive, cost-effective legal support beyond court reporting for even the most complex cases. Harness the power of one of the greatest legal support networks in the country. NAEGELI appreciates the significance of deadlines and is dedicated to completing your project right and on time. We guarantee you and your clients reliable, unsurpassed quality when you need it most.

Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. The city’s history is varied, having endured war, racial tensions and financial crisis, but today serves as an excellent year-round destination to get a taste of Southern charm and dive into a range of different activities.

Visitors to Charlotte can get an all-access pass into the history of automobile racing by visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The museum boasts many historic racecars and commemorates legendary figures in the Hall of Honor. Even more history cane be found at the Carolinas Aviation Museum, where visitors can gaze at numerous military and civilian aircraft, including a replica of the famous Wright Flyer.

Some of the city’s best restaurants can be found in the Uptown District. An easy way to sample all of what Charlotte has to offer is by embarking on a city-wide culinary tour. An excursion through Tour de Food will help visitors explore many of Charlotte’s neighborhoods and learn about their history while sampling cuisine from a range of eateries. After, visit the globally-renowned art collection at the Mint Museum, check out the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, or simply spend the rest of the day relaxing at the sprawling Freedom Park.

Aside from the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Charlotte Motor Speedway, the city is a great destination to catch a sports game. The NFL’s Carolina Panthers, the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, and the USL’s Charlotte Independence are some of the area’s most popular teams.

You may reach us at (800)528-3335 or by clicking here to be directed to our scheduling page.

The US District Court is located just minutes from our office.

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