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Developed near Fort Boise along the Oregon Trail, Boise has grown to become the largest city in the state of Idaho. Boise’s downtown is framed by mountains to the northeast and irrigated agricultural plains to the west. NAEGELI’s elegant conference rooms are conveniently located in downtown Boise, just four miles from the Boise Airport. Let us take the worry out of finding the right court reporting professional by scheduling your next deposition in one of our exquisite Boise Idaho video conferencing suites.

Boise Court Reporters

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial provides the highest quality of professional Boise court reporters. We are dedicated to our clients, and when it comes to preserving the record for your case, we are prepared to meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Along with being some of the only court reporters in Boise to supply you with an audio transcript free of charge, we also provide 100% verifiable transcripts. Our Boise court reporter firm specializes in daily copy, expedited transcripts, arbitrations, hearings, telephonic and interpreted depositions, and tape transcriptions, to name a few. NAEGELI will meet your court reporting deadline, and deliver your transcript in any format that you request.

In addition to Boise, NAEGELI provides highly qualified Idaho court reporters in nearby cities such as Meridian Idaho, Nampa Idaho, Caldwell Idaho, Mountain Home Idaho, Eagle Idaho and Twin Falls Idaho.

Boise Videography

Exceptional service is our passion. NAEGELI provides qualified, friendly, experienced Boise Idaho video professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment, assuring the highest quality video and audio recording. Videographers arrive at least one-half hour prior to the scheduled start time and are prepared with all the tools you have requested to be able to provide you the highest level of deposition, trial, or court reporting service. NAEGELI’s videos are also synced with the transcript at no additional charge. With our synched videos, you will be able to read the scrolling text of the transcript while viewing the witness’ reactions and mannerisms. You can search for keywords and immediately jump to that portion of the video. Video clips can be created and exported for use in other programs. Our Boise Idaho videographers provide you the ability to make your case presentation as convincing and successful as possible.

Boise Video Conferencing

Experience the value that video conferencing can bring to you and your clients. NAEGELI’s Boise video conferencing is used widely in the legal profession to conduct interviews, meetings and depositions in real time. We can assist you with connecting virtually anywhere in the world, and you can avoid the inconvenience of business travel. Scheduling is made easy with our experienced video conference specialists handling all of the details. We have beautiful video conferencing rooms and can provide video conferencing in any city nationwide. Our Idaho court reporters can be with you, while our nationwide court reporting services can be present wherever you need them to be. Avoid ever-changing travel restrictions and save the most precious commodity of all — your time.

Boise Copying And Scanning

NAEGELI offers a wide array of copying and scanning services, which include Bates labeling, database creation, electronic document scanning and storage, color copying, or optical character recognition (OCR). As you prepare for trial, NAEGELI’s court reporting services efficiently manage the life cycle of client information from creation through production and archiving. NAEGELI provides archival legal scanning services to Idaho companies and organizations that want to reduce the volume of paper they have to store. With our Boise Idaho copying and scanning service, our staff can scan your documents while maintaining the integrity of folders or other documents. Our copy and scanning services in Idaho are completely confidential and all work is performed on a secure site. This can save storage costs and time when documents need to be found and used. Document Indexing is the process of gathering important data from many different images. Our Idaho court reporters and archival team can index document collections ranging in size from a few to several thousand documents.

Boise Transcription

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial is highly respected and our clients count on us for accuracy and confidentiality. With over three decades of experience, our transcription team in Idaho has the ability to manage any size transcription project. A Registered Diplomate Reporter oversees every aspect of our Transcription Department, ensuring you the highest quality of transcripts. In addition to our rigorous transcriptionist training, we have implemented a rigorous quality control process for checks and verifications. NAEGELI guarantees that your media is listened to no less than three times, assuring complete accuracy. Our Boise Idaho transcription service includes every word transcribed, an index and a mini transcript. NAEGELI Idaho court reporting services can provide you with qualified business, legal or general transcription services. We take our transcription assignments very seriously at NAEGELI Deposition and Trial because we know it is of great importance to you.

Boise Interpreters

Our court reporters in Boise aren’t limited by language lines. Idaho attorneys, legal professionals, government agencies and other corporations and individuals rely heavily on NAEGELI’s expert Boise interpreters. Private individuals and sole practitioners receive the same quality interpreters that the largest firms have come to expect. With more than 35 years of experience, NAEGELI Deposition and Trial is the one-stop solution for all of your interpreting needs. NAEGELI can interpret your depositions or trial proceedings, as well as provide certified translations of legal documents in more than 200 languages and dialects. When it comes to the most qualified Korean interpreters in Idaho, we have you covered. Whether you are looking for a Boise Chinese, Spanish, or Russian Interpreter, trust NAEGELI to take the guesswork out of finding competent and skilled interpreters to assist you and your client at any stage of the legal process.

Boise Trial Presentation

The technology you use impacts the jury even before the argument is made. NAEGELI’s Boise trial presenters provide each client with the services they need for depositions, settlement hearings, arbitrations, or trials. Our Idaho trial team has worked on many high-profile cases including antitrust and construction-defect litigation. We can provide graphics, custom animations, equipment rental, video services, and trial presentations that will significantly impact the success of your case. Whether an attorney is unfolding an opening statement or conducting an intense examination, the visual trial presentation can make all the difference.

NAEGELI’s Boise Idaho office provides cost-effective solutions to even the most complex cases. With one of the largest support staffs in the country, NAEGELI Idaho court reporters understand the urgency of deadlines and the importance of getting the job done right the first time. For you, this means that you will have the highest quality and consistent service each and every time.

You may reach us at (800)528-3335 or by clicking here to be directed to our scheduling page.

Nearby courthouses include the Idaho Supreme Court and the Ada County Courthouse.

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