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NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is the preferred choice for attorneys and legal professionals seeking court reporters in Bend and the greater Central Oregon region. In our 45 years as a company, we have contributed to groundbreaking cases and pioneering industry practices, setting a standard for excellence in the legal field. Through our rigid commitment to advanced training, attention to detail, and timely delivery, NAEGELI has become the most trusted court reporting firm nationwide.

Court Reporting in Bend

Our Bend office is located just five minutes from the Deschutes Circuit Court. We offer large conference rooms with complete privacy, perfect for your next deposition or arbitration. For those traveling to Bend for a legal proceeding, our office is a short drive across downtown from the upscale, eco-friendly Oxford Hotel, and a 25-minute drive from Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM).

With over a million tourists visiting each year to enjoy outdoor activities for every season, Bend is not only the largest city in Central Oregon, but also the hub of its industry and culture. With that presence comes Bend’s stance as the cornerstone of the region’s legal community. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is proud to serve Bend and neighboring cities like Redmond and Madras with the best court reporting, legal transcription, videography, interpreting, and trial presentation available in the area. Have a question regarding our services? Our dedicated case managers are available 24/7 to address any concern. Our scheduling is quick and easy.

Our Other Services in Bend

  • Videography: Video offers a valuable nuance the printed copy alone cannot convey. Our certified videographers in Bend use state-of-the-art equipment to capture high-quality video recordings of legal events. This enhances the visual presentation of evidence and witness testimonies. The editing of each video is done with special consideration to your case’s specific needs, and your deposition or other recorded event can be delivered in any media format.

  • Remote Depositions: NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is Bend's most reliable and trustworthy litigation support service, having conducted thousands of remote depositions. Our remote depositions allow attorneys to conduct proceedings efficiently from any location. We assign a personal Video Technician to manage and monitor your deposition from start to finish, ensuring flawless execution of your proceeding.

  • Trial Support: From discovery to verdict, and often to appeal, NAEGELI Deposition & Trial provides customized trial presentation services and equipment configurations for any litigation scenario. We have assisted attorneys in Bend by integrating documents, photographs, graphics, video, animation, and other exhibits into a clear and convincing computer-based courtroom presentation. Our trial support team is also among the first in the nation to hold certificates as Trial Presentation Professionals.

  • Transcription: Turn any trial, hearing, meeting, or other recording into a certified transcript with our legal transcription services in Bend. We blend the latest technology with highly trained professionals to provide you with the best transcript possible. Our transcriptionists can also transcribe any video or audio recording in over 200 languages.

  • Copying & Scanning: Legal document services such as copying, scanning, electronic forensics, document destruction, and trial exhibit production can be tedious and time consuming. Let NAEGELI Deposition & Trial handle this work while you concentrate on your case. From Pagination to OCR, to Bates Stamping or providing Secure Pick-up, we maintain the highest level of accuracy in every document job we complete in Bend.

  • Interpreters: Our professional legal interpreters in Bend cover a wide range of services and needs, and are capable of interpreting in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language. Facilitate more effective communication between parties with the presence of a reliable, trained professional who can provide you and your client with support at every stage of the process.

Click below to learn more about the many legal support services we provide. For any additional questions, do not hesitate to call our in-house support team or chat with us here on the website.

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Our Services

Court Reporting

Court Reporting

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is the leading court-reporting firm nationwide, recognized for its exceptional services in the legal industry.


With certified videographers, we capture quality video recordings of legal events, enhancing the visual presentation of evidence and witness testimonies.
Remote Depositions

Remote Depositions

Utilizing secure technology, we allow attorneys to conduct remote depositions from any location while ensuring seamless communication.
Trial Support

Trial Support

From exhibit preparation to courtroom setup, our trial support services equip attorneys with the tools needed to effectively present their cases.


Our transcription services transform audio recordings into accurate transcripts, providing attorneys with written records of proceedings.

Bend Court Reporters

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial’s court reporters in Bend are some of the most capable and dependable across the nation. Many attorneys, government agencies, and corporate legal departments rely on NAEGELI Deposition & Trial’s court reporters to cover depositions, arbitrations, or hearings. Our Bend court reporters are diligent, meticulous, and timely when it comes to the delivery of transcripts. Turn to us if you need Bend court reporters, online scheduling, complimentary conference rooms, or case management. 

Bend Remote Depositions

Our Bend remote deposition service is used widely in the legal profession for expert witness testimony, or to conduct interviews and meetings. Scheduling is made easy with our experienced remote deposition specialists handling all of the details. Schedule your next deposition with our court reporters here in Bend. If you need a space to conduct virtual meetings, you can use one of our beautiful Bend videoconferencing rooms.

Bend Legal Videography

We know you need more than court reporters in Bend, Oregon to succeed in the legal community. There are significant advantages to a properly shot and professionally edited video deposition. The ability to capture and present exact portions of testimony is a valuable addition to the standard written transcript.

Our Bend Oregon videographers create the highest quality visual record of deposition testimony. Videos are highly effective when showcasing facts to the judge and jury. Our certified legal videographers in Bend and surrounding cities are experts in all areas of legal videography.

Bend Trial Presentation

Our Bend trial presenters are expertly educated in many software programs, allowing you to present your trial in the most convincing and clear manner available. Complex cases that involve many intricate details and take hours to explain can be simplified in succinct visual messages with software that will create a demonstrative presentation. Our Bend trial presenters have extensive knowledge of every facet of trial and will significantly impact the success of your case.

Bend Legal Transcription

Our advanced team of trained transcription professionals in Bend is capable of providing accurate transcript copy through state-of-the-art technology. We will prepare instant and confidential file transfers or deliver them to you in a multimedia transcript package. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial’s court reporters in Bend can provide you with qualified business, legal, or general transcription services. We have the expertise to manage any size transcription project, guaranteeing on-time delivery and meeting your urgent deadlines.

Bend Copying & Scanning

Our experienced staff can scan your documents, maintain the integrity of folders and provide you with electronic media containing these images, providing you a single point of contact at NAEGELI Deposition & Trial for clear communication.

The handling of all your documents is completely confidential, as all work is performed at a secure site. We guarantee personal attention, accuracy, and prompt delivery.

Bend Language Interpreters

Don’t let your court reporters get held up by a language barrier. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial provides certified language interpreters and legal translation services in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, for Bend and surrounding areas. NAEGELI Deposition & Trial offers linguists who have the extensive legal vocabulary to interpret depositions, trials, arbitrations, and other legal proceedings. We guarantee the presence of a reliable, trained interpreter to assist you and your client at any stage of the legal process.

Why Choose Naegeli?

NAEGELI Deposition and Trial Ranked number one Court Reporting Firm by New York Weekly. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial awarded best court reporting firm Nationwide by US Reporter. NAEGELI Deposition and Trial named one of the top ten best places to work in the legal industry by Portland News.


In my legal practice, I do not hesitate to recommend the court reporting and videography services of NAEGELI Deposition and Trial to attorneys. For over 10 years, I have consistently been impressed with both their court reporters and their ancillary services as being of the highest standards in the industry. Their professionalism, timeliness of delivery, quality and accuracy of transcripts, and video services are unparalleled.
Paul Blaylock, MD JD
Thank you for the outstanding service and technical support that your firm provided to me and my New York co-counsel in our arbitration proceeding. You did an excellent job, especially given that the raw video footage and audio soundtrack we provided to you were of poor quality. The arbitration panel and all the lawyers in the room agreed that your presentation saved testimony that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to understand.
Jefferey A. Bowersox
Bowersox Law Firm, PC

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