Why Outsource Videoconferencing in Seattle

Videoconferencing is the perfect way to allow clients at different locations to come together for a meeting. Yes, you could arrange for videoconferencing to be organized at your Seattle law office, but you would then have to concern yourself with administrative and technical matters like seating, lighting, audio, software, and catering. Traveling to the office of your client or expert witness is an option, but as a busy attorney your time is precious and you do not want to spend it traveling to meetings outside your city.

Let NAEGELI Deposition & Trial assume responsibility for your videoconference and you can get on with what matters to you most, preparing your legal documents and court papers, writing your briefs, and supervising your junior lawyers and paralegals. We offer an effective solution for your videoconferencing needs using our own professionals and their specific skills, equipment, and depth of knowledge to provide specialized services. Our Seattle videoconferencing facilities provide a professional business setting suitable for long-distance interviews, testimonies, legal depositions, and any other meeting that could benefit from high-quality video interaction.

Why choose NAEGELI?

We offer unrivaled service to the Seattle legal community, including:
  • Location.
    Our offices are easily accessible at Two Union Square in the heart of Downtown Seattle in proximity to well-known landmarks such as the 5th Avenue Theatre, Convention Center and Freeway Park, Pike Place Market, and Seattle Art Museum.
  • IP and ISDN
    . Our videoconferencing system uses mainly IP-based networks that are supported on-site in our many locations, however, for your convenience, both IP and ISDN connections are available for multi-site meetings. Our engineers are responsible for the installation and operation of the audio-visual and information technology video and data infrastructure necessary for you to hold your virtual meeting.
  • Technical support.
    Meetings and events that rely on visual communications require constant daily staffing levels to function reliably. We will ensure that our skilled video engineers are on hand to offer proactive solutions to any technical issues that may arise.
  • Function room
    . We provide a state-of-the-art videoconference room for you to hold your interactive meeting, providing surroundings of as good a quality as being face-to-face.
  • Catering
    We provide full catering services for as many people as are required.
You can find out more about NAEGELI’s videoconferencing here. If you are an attorney in need of videoconferencing facilities in Seattle, please contact our Seattle office for further details.