The Best Court Reporters in Spokane Choose Realtime

One of the more innovative and useful technological developments that the best court reporters in Spokane, Washington use are depositions which utilize the technology known as “realtime”. In this technology, a software program electronically sends out an unedited draft transcript of the deposition from the court reporter’s laptop to a connected attorney’s laptop. It is called “realtime” simply because the transcripts are inputted, delivered, and seen by the attorney as the testimony occurs. One of the more popular software programs for court reporters and attorneys alike for realtime feeds is “Livenote”.

What realtime technology does is eliminate a common complaint by attorneys that they get bogged down in taking notes or lose track of the deponent’s testimony. With this new technology, attorneys can now better focus on the testimony and better comprehend it. There will be fewer requests to the court reporter to re-read some of the transcript testimony. The attorney’s ability to focus and better comprehend the testimony is particularly important for technical or medical testimony, or testimony involving a foreign language.

It is not surprising that the vast majority of attorneys and court reporters in Spokane who have been exposed to realtime technology find it absolutely indispensable in discovery.