Spokane Legal Copying and Scanning

Many law firms in the Spokane area are looking for a reliable support team to help them go digital with their legal copying and scanning.

The trend to go all digital has swept the legal community like few other productivity tools for the professions. The “practice of law has forever changed” is a truism that is perfect in describing just how integral legal document copying and scanning services have become.

Today’s reality is that cost-savings and going “green” work as influential factors to keep the profession marching towards all digital. For the attorney and his/her staff, a well-functioning legal document copying and scanning capability will disproportionately whittle down the labor, equipment, and resources costs. The technology will also save countless hours and money to reduce space taken up by documents, by providing better filing and access to files and documents.

Courts are all going, or have gone, digital, and for good reason. Today, all federal courts require e-filing, and many state and local courts nationwide are following suit. This trend has sped up court services, lowered its costs, and made the procedure convenient for court staff and attorneys.

While many law firms, especially the larger firms, will have the resources and know-how to establish an excellent legal document and scanning service in-house, for the vast majority of firms, it is difficult to keep up with the dizzying advances in technology, capabilities, and equipment in legal copying and scanning services.

Even for larger firms with their own in-house capabilities, outsourcing legal document copying and scanning means that a specialized service can step right in to assist on large projects or provide assistance on assignments with strict deadlines.

An experienced and proven legal document and scanning service provider in Spokane, such as NAEGELI Deposition & Trial, can provide the latest machinery, the best-trained staff, and the peace of mind of having someone to troubleshoot the glitches and surprises.