Seattle Trial Technology More Accessible Than Ever

Modern trial technology has continued to grow apace and NAEGELI Deposition & Trial has always been on the front line advocating and facilitating the effective use of courtroom technology. In Seattle, the courtroom podium is equipped with a touch panel monitor, document camera, microphone, and VCR as well as laptop connections. The witness stand contains a touch panel monitor and microphone. Typically you will find one monitor and input connection at the prosecution and defense table, but in Seattle, you will find two monitors and input connections at the defense table. The jury box contains monitors to allow jurors easy viewing of displayed items. The courtroom can accommodate equipment to assist the hearing impaired as well as provide translation services when necessary.

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial gives full consideration to the substantive and procedural considerations that may arise when lawyers bring electronic equipment to the courtroom or use court-provided equipment for displaying or playing evidentiary exhibits or illustrative aids during the trial. Discuss with us the use of modern technology based on what you are trying to accomplish, the objections opposing counsel may raise, and the considerations of fairness that may come into play. At NAEGELI Deposition & Trial we are aware that most common evidence-display equipment can save trial time compared to traditional methods, primarily because all exhibits are maintained electronically and can be called up instantaneously. In addition, our real-time reporting service decreases the amount of time spent referring back to the record.

At NAEGELI Deposition & Trial we design our trial technology to reflect the functionality demanded by busy attorneys, drawing attention to particular points and emphasizing certain aspects of the evidence. We will help you determine the equipment your case is likely to require and the procedures the Seattle court will adopt for using this equipment at your trial. As you are aware, each case has its own particular facts and complexity, and the level of technology needed (and accepted by the court) will depend upon the evidence to be presented. The court may provide some integrated equipment and training. However, we encourage you to contact NAEGELI Deposition & Trial for a full discussion on the equipment and software that we can provide to increase the likely success of trial proceedings. You can be confident that any equipment we provide will be properly connected and tested before the trial commences.

If you would like to find out more about how NAEGELI Deposition & Trial can assist your trial technology needs please contact our Seattle office.