Seattle Legal Copying and Scanning Provider

If you’re looking for a Seattle Legal Copying and Scanning provider it’s important to work with a provider that does it right the first time.

The legal document copying and scanning provider has an essential role in ensuring that copied or scanned documents can be used as admissible evidence in courts. In the United States, two uniform laws clearly establish the basis for admitting records maintained on document imaging systems into evidence: (1) The Uniform Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records as Evidence Act (UPA) (US 1128-0020-00) – enacted by almost all states, specifies that reproductions of records have the same legal significance as the original and may be used in place of the original for all purposes including evidence. (2) The Uniform Rules of Evidence (US 128-0060-00 to 0170-00) – the other major uniform law, has been adopted by the United States federal courts and 34 states. The Rules of Evidence permits duplicate to be admissible in evidence “to the same extent as an original” and defines a duplicate as a counterpart produced by any technique “which accurately reproduces the original”.

Both laws permit the admission of duplicate records into evidence if the documents and scans are accurately reproduced as the original document. Legal document scanning is a duplication technology similar to photocopies, microfilm, and facsimile.

Legal acceptability of document images depends on the operation or the business process of the legal document copying and scanning procedure that is used to create the documents. Audit trails and accurate chain of custody documentation are recommended and are used to prove that a document was authentic and properly copied, scanned, and processed by the organization. With audit trails, you know every time an electronic document has been viewed or manipulated. Audit trails help ensure document integrity and prove that the image is a true representation of the original – reducing exposure to risk.

Courts will insist on evidence or testimony that the document copying and scanning procedures were accurately reproduced from the original. It is certainly good practice to retain the original in a safe place just in case.

Thus, legal document copying and scanning must be accurately and properly done if the documents are to be admissible in court or legally binding as a contract.

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