Are You Using the Right Trial Technician?

Litigation has become more complex and has opened the door for a new type of trial consultant, a trial technician. These trial technicians organize and prepare all evidence to be used during the trial, create war rooms for the attorneys and set up and run the electronics in the courtroom which include projectors, monitors, screens, and laptops.  Through the use of multimedia presentations, graphics, animations, illustrations, and other demonstrative exhibits trial technicians are able to explain complex legal issues in an effective manner in order to persuade juries.

Skilled trial technicians are a hot commodity and are not easy to find. Here are some tips an attorney and/or paralegal must know in order to retain the services of an effective trial technician.

Your Trial Technician Must Have Trial Courtroom Experience.

This is important for two reasons. First of all, people who have not sat through an actual trial do not understand the various intricate rules and procedures one must follow during courtroom proceedings. Those that have been through trial proceedings understand courtroom culture and protocol. Secondly, trials are highly stressful situations. Many times the attorneys and paralegals have spent countless hours, months, and even years preparing for one trial and therefore have not only their client’s issue at stake but also their own personal reputation, time, and money. An experienced trial technician has been through and overcomes various technical issues, power failures, and weather-related problems to ensure the trial goes smoothly for the attorneys.

Your Trial Technician Must be Able to Camouflage Into the Courtroom Setting.

Although the evidence the trial technician is presenting to the judge and jury is the center of attention, during the court proceedings the trial technician should never be. The presentation of evidence must flow flawlessly without interruption or error. The goal is for the fact finders to focus on the evidence presented rather than the manner of the presentation.

Your Trial Technician Must be Technologically Savvy.

Proficient knowledge of trial presentation software, video editing, and audio/visual system setup is a must. Being able to diagnose potential issues regarding various software versions and image formats along with any other IT support is crucial to ensuring the presentation runs smoothly and efficiently during the trial.

Any trial technician you hire must perform a courtroom site survey in order to have firsthand knowledge of the technical equipment already located in the courtroom and the layout of the courtroom. The trial technician should recommend which equipment should be used and should be able to rent this equipment to you directly. The trial technician should also find a suitable war room for the attorneys within the courthouse or within a short walking distance of the courthouse in order for the attorneys to prepare. Any computers, printers, and copiers for the war room should also be able to be rented directly from the trail technician. After careful collaboration with attorneys, experts, and paralegals the trial technician should be able to present all evidence at trial seamlessly to efficiently and effectively in order to adequately tell the storyline.

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