Your Court Reporter In Medford

Posted on August 1, 2014

At NAEGELI we recognize that court reporters have an incredibly important job in capturing the spoken word and producing accurate official records. Our Medford court reporters are equipped with a multitude of skills required to serve as a successful court reporter including excellent English grammar skills which are tested by us. We can provide Certified Court Reporters, Real Time Court Reporters, Registered Professional Court Reporters and Registered Merit Court Reporters all of whom have a wealth of experience in depositions, trials and courtroom hearings.

Our Medford court reporters strive for accuracy, pay attention to detail and are conscious of the finer points of grammar. Although court reporting is a learnable skill requiring coordination and concentration, we ensure that only professionally trained persons are made available to you. All of our reporters are confident persons, excellent time keepers who arrive professionally attired when scheduled, and can cope with even the most taxing day at court. We provide reporters who are trained to be excellent listeners as well as expert stenographers and you will never be presented with an illegible transcript. NAEGELI’s court reporters are super-efficient at punctuating and proofing transcripts in court or in depositions, and you will never have to wait days for your product. When you hire a Medford court reporter you will benefit from the services of persons who are using equipment which is technologically at the forefront of litigation support facilities.

Our responsibility is to accurately record who says what and when at trials, during depositions, and any time an attorney believes that words being spoken are important enough to hire an accurate transcriber, and we take our responsibility seriously.

We are aware that the exact words typed in can be crucial to the decision given in a particular case. Talk to us about our ground-breaking software AUDIOLIVE which has set a new standard in the field of cutting-edge trial preparation. AUDIOLIVE allows input of real-time issue coding and annotations, giving you immediate access to live 100% verifiable audio files with linked notes securely stored on a USB.

We want your deposition or trial to be a success and we will do our utmost to facilitate that outcome.

Get in touch if you would like to take advantage of a training session which is provided free for any attorney who schedules a real-time deposition.

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