Why So Many Firms Outsource Videoconferening In Spokane

Posted on May 1, 2014

Videoconferencing is becoming one of the many tools law firms use to save time and resources in Spokane Washington. But the smart firms understand why outsourcing is better than doing it in house.

Today, with the advances in videoconferencing technology, the law truly “knows no bounds”. Videoconferencing equipment and software have become more reliable, easier to use and more compact – even portable. Equipment manufacturers and software engineers have greatly enhanced the capabilities and features of videoconferencing to an astoundingly high level.

Although many firms now recognize the clear benefits and advantages of videoconferencing to the practice of law, few firms have the expertise or resources to know how to select the best equipment, or how to setup and maintain their in-house videoconferencing service. One of the primary reasons for this is that few firms can, or want to invest tens of thousands of dollars to purchase the most up-to-date software, hardware and accessories. Prices for equipment and software are a fraction of what it was even a few years ago; but a substantial investment of money is necessary to purchase, maintain and update the equipment. Equally money and time intensive are the substantial investments in time and resources needed to properly train personnel, and to keep their training fresh and relevant regarding the technological advancements.

Another consideration strongly favoring outsourcing is the fact that videoconferencing has not yet reached the stage where it is free of technical obstacles and setbacks. There are a bewildering amount of connections, parts, functions, configurations and set up, which all need to be coordinated and connected to work well together. The complexity makes it ripe for minor or major technical issues that must be resolved expeditiously if videoconferencing is going to be of much use. There is a substantial learning curve to gain enough proficiency and skill to adequately and confidently troubleshoot and fix technical glitches.

Leave it to the videoconferencing specialists in Spokane that have decades of relevant experience to handle all these tasks so that attorneys and firms can better focus on what they do best.