Why Court Reporters In Tacoma Aren’t The Same

Posted on August 14, 2014

If you need a court reporter in Tacoma, Washington, then you should place a call to the offices of NAEGELI. We can provide 24/7 access to well-trained, efficient and certified court reporters in your city. Our court reporters have diverse litigation experience and will deliver expert support whether your case is a relatively simple one or quite complex. If you find that your litigation support needs require more ancillary deposition service specialists we can provide them in the form of translators and interpreters – and even videographers if necessary.

NAEGELI court reporters will help to satisfy your need to simplify your total case management. Our Tacoma court reporters cover real-time, technical and general reporting assignments whether you need their services for a day or for weeks. At NAEGELI we understand the importance to busy attorneys

Not all Tacoma court reporters are the same and you will notice the difference with NAEGELI. If you require only basic technology, our court reporters can use a computer and stenotype machine to take down the spoken words they hear. The stenotype machine allows ours reporters to use a form of shorthand by using sounds of words to record data. The computer uses computer-aided transcription software to translate the information into English. If you require more sophisticated technology this can be provided in the form of AUDIOLIVE, NAEGELI’s real time advanced technology which is less expensive than stenographic real time. Over the years, NAEGELI has witnessed the way that advanced technology has changed the way in which reporters do their jobs, and in fact NAEGELI has been a keen driver of change in this scenario. Our court reporters are using more advanced technology to provide real time translation (instant transcription in rough draft form on computer screens while the proceeding is in session) which, in particular, assists the deaf and hard-of-hearing community by facilitating access to what is happening in a hearing.

Our Tacoma court reporters take their responsibility very seriously. We supply only court reporters with the ability to work in high-pressure environments, with people of diverse backgrounds, and who can meet tight deadlines. We appreciate that the documents prepared by our court reporters may be the only official account of the court proceedings and are vital to the credibility of the judicial system, and of your legal practice.
For all your litigation support needs including expert court reporters in Tacoma contact NAEGELI’s Tacoma, Washington office.