Videoconferencing Portland Or Law Firms | Naegeli Deposition And Trial

Posted on April 4, 2014

Videoconferencing is helping countless law firms in Portland, Oregon expand and grow their law practice.

From time immemorial, much of an attorney’s work involved face-to-face consultations – meeting clients, deposing witnesses, negotiating with attorneys, and finalizing deals. With the advances of videoconferencing technology, there is no reason why attorneys cannot do those same interactive tasks while also saving time and money for their firms and their clients.

The most obvious benefit for videoconferencing is its impact on cost-effectiveness and the bottom-line for clients. A well utilized videoconferencing system can be the law firm’s best weapon in the constant battle to keep legal costs down for the client. This is especially true now, with the cost of travel being so high, and with the requirement that attorneys work more efficiently and productively (e.g. not wasting billable hours at the airport or in taxis).

Additionally, videoconferencing is an effective and convenient tool for internal meetings, such as partner, attorney, and practice group meetings. The ease and time savings of videoconferencing will undoubtedly contribute to attorneys and firm personnel having more meetings and regular consultations. Relatedly, the capability and flexibility of being able to use videoconferencing to connect a remote office or a co-counsel’s office cannot be overstated.

Other uses that are gaining popularity with videoconferencing are its use for internal training classes; as well as for client meetings, depositions, and recruiting interviews. Many new features of videoconferencing facilitate these uses, such as picture-in-picture on a screen, dial-in telephone numbers for audio-only participants, content sharing with computers and document cameras, and recording conferences with VCRs or DVDs.

Videoconferencing is saving many firms in Portland Oregon money and resources. If the addition of videoconferencing will save you significant time in commuting and improve your productivity, then why wouldn’t you use it to grow your practice and improve your bottom line?