We all know legal services can get pricey, especially in larger cities like Seattle, Washington, or Portland, Oregon. Additionally, one attorney mentioned that he found hiring a court reporter in Seattle to be especially daunting with all the choices out there. But hiring a good court reporter for your depositions will not only save you money in the long run but allow you to do your best work for your clients. Although the lowest rates are often the deciding factor when choosing a service provider, what really matters is the professionalism and quality of these services. This symbiotic relationship between litigation support and the clients is one that should be chosen with care. We asked some of Seattle’s top litigators, paralegals, and legal assistants what they look for when choosing a court reporter.

1. They keep track of all the details during your deposition

Many times during a deposition, the council will have much more on their brains than exactly how many exhibits have been marked and what the Wi-Fi password is. Attorneys are usually focused on their line of questioning or with their clients. They have little time to fetch water or find out where the bathroom is located; they have more serious things to worry about! Luckily, court reporters in many Seattle court reporting firms are chosen not only for their outstanding aptitude for the job but also because they strive to make each deposition a worry-free experience by keeping track of the little things. When attorneys take depositions all over the city, it is important to be familiar with each building’s idiosyncrasies and finer nuances. A good court reporter gets there early and stays late to make sure they are doing everything possible to make it a good experience for all involved.

2. They keep the peace

Most of us have been in an argument at some point in our lives, and most of us know that inadvertently these arguments can escalate quickly. Our court reporters are trained to give off a calm and composed attitude. This can instantly return a heated argument into a productive conversation where both sides are heard. Many depositions are quite sensitive in the subject, and it helps both sides to have the professionalism and experience of a neutral party in the room. One court reporter in Seattle, Washington recently relayed an experience to us where he saw the council getting into a fight over who was ordering the original transcript. The reporter’s experience and calming presence helped bring the attorneys back into a civilized discussion and negotiate terms both parties agreed with.

3. Finished Product Looks Amazing

The reason why there is a court reporter in the first place is because the testimony being recorded is important. Period. If the deponent’s information is a key piece in the case, all parties involved would almost always prefer documents that are seamless, professional, and carefully put together. Court reporters take their jobs seriously and make sure they deliver the best product possible. Every court reporting firm does not always require quality checks and proofreading. Make sure that before you work with new reporters that there are standards that they are familiar with and adhere to.

4. Comfort in the Confidential

We all know about the attorney-client privilege, what about court reporters? As mentioned, reporters are often dealing with sensitive material. Sometimes reporters might be privy to details of the case that would be detrimental if they were given out heedlessly. It is the reporter’s job to make sure that none of the information is dealt with in a careless manner. We love reporters who take their job and its gravity seriously. They make every effort to keep confidential material just that – confidential.

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