Portland Trial Technology Rapidly Changing To Help Attorneys

Posted on June 25, 2014

The courts in Portland, Oregon, have certainly come a long way since the days of microphones and speakers. As a trial attorney providing legal services in Portland, you will no doubt have noticed that times have changed for the better when it comes to trial technology. There is less paperwork involved now that the courts can accommodate electronic filing and payments.

The US District Court of Oregon uses a Case Management and Electronic Case Files system that attorneys need to register to use. Once registered, it serves as an electronic intake counter and service agent for attorneys, for the public, it facilitates research of court records via PACER. It is important that trial attorneys become familiar with both systems in order to interact effectively with the courts.

In another move to embrace technology, Portland courts use The Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS) which allows juries to view electronic evidence during their deliberations. Before the trial, the parties must follow the Submission Requirements for Electronic Trial Exhibits. Once the trial is over, and at the Court’s discretion, exhibits may be released to the jury along with electronic jury instructions and a list of any physical exhibits. During jury deliberations JERS provides easy access to the electronic evidence via the use of a touch screen kiosk. Jurors can view the electronic evidence multiple times, rewind videos, and zoom in on pictures. The court provides a video tutorial giving instructions to the jurors on how to use the system.

NAEGELI is dedicated to advancing the efficient use of technology in the administration of justice in Portland. We actively consult on the design and implementation of appropriate technology in courtrooms and work towards keeping attorneys informed on news and developments in the area of trial technology. At NAEGELI we are engaged in providing cutting-edge training on the latest advancements in legal technology whether it is videoconferencing, videography or the use of technologically-advanced court reporting software. Depositions can now be delivered to trial attorneys in any media format – CD, DVD, iPod/MP3 player and direct hard-drive deposit, playable on various computers and mobile devices. Digital video may be used in the courtroom in a noticed video deposition where agreed.

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