As a professional, you know that your website is the first place that a potential client will visit. Unfortunately, sometimes after the website is created, it is left to become a static, dull place. But what can you do to keep the website fresh and new for your current and potential clients? In this article, we will look at a few ways to update your web presence without too much hassle.

Stay Current: In the legal world, professionals often move around and it is truly a pain for smaller firms to keep their website updated. Unless you are at a 100+ firm where there is one person that does all this for you, you are relying on your own two hands to keep the material current. So make sure you are listing all the different things you are doing. Are you using a new videographer for your video depositions? Give a “shout-out” to that person or company. List any committee or board meetings you are on, and write a brief sentence or two about it. Make sure to tag other members of the legal community in your posts as well. Did you recently hire a new front desk person? Have an awesome interpreter? Write about it and list it on your site, because when you are current, people want to work with you.

Use Social Media to Make a Difference in Your Community: Everyone always talks about using social media, but what does that mean? If your website allows linking to your social media sites, posting all that current information is great, however thinking outside the box can open up other doors. One unique thought is to celebrate significant milestones like “100 Likes” or office anniversaries, by donating time and or money to a notable charity. This is a win-win because it is helping the community you serve and getting your firm’s name out there is a plus. By celebrating these important events publicly, you keep your name in front of current clients and help solicit new ones by being a positive influence in the community.

Education People Can Use: When choosing what to put on your website, think about the common themes that run through your office. Are there questions that people ask over and over? Try putting them on the website on a “Frequently Asked Questions” page. In blog posts, write about something that is happening in your area of the law. Current changes or updates are always a sure thing. Maybe you don’t have time to blog, try using someone else’s post and commend them on work well done by posting it to your site.

By keeping your website current and fresh, new and potential clients will feel more confident about selecting your firm. So now that you have that website, use it!

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