Finding Quality Court Reporters In Seattle

Posted on May 21, 2014

At NAEGELI, we are aware that the role of a Seattle court reporter is crucial to the success of an attorney’s case, both in terms of the accuracy of the transcript and the services provided. If you do not choose the right quality court reporting firm you could end up with error-riddled transcripts which – even if minor – could affect how you read and interpret the testimony given. When deciding which court reporting firm to choose you should ensure that any choice made is a careful and considered one. When it comes to expertise in litigation support NAEGELI, has the right court reporters for your case.

Why are NAEGELI’s court reporting services right for you? Our Seattle court reporters have the skills, training and experience necessary to cover all manner of litigation proceedings, from small hearings to complex trials. We want you to have peace of mind, knowing that accuracy is a top feature of our quality court reporters and that we will strive to achieve the best possible service for you. We are confident that our certified reporters have the court experience that parallels case. NAEGELI will co-ordinate the logistical requirements of your case and provide on-call court reporting services at any court in Seattle. If you need interpreters or translators we can provide these too.

NAEGELI offers both standard and real-time court reporters depending on the needs of your case. Let us know how quickly you need your transcript to be provided as our main focus is to help you effectively manage your case. Talk to us about what format you require your transcript to be provided in. The Seattle court reporting
services offered by NAEGELI are technologically advanced and include AUDIOLIVE, our new cutting-edge trial preparatory tool, and LiveNote. We can deliver transcripts electronically in multiple formats upon request, including a handy USB drive that will fit into your pocket. We will provide you with full details of our court reporting packages so that you can determine which package is most likely to meet your needs, enabling you to make the right decision. At NAEGELI, we take the attorney and court reporter relationship seriously and will be happy to discuss all aspects of our exceptional court reporting services with you.

For further information on how NAEGELI’s Seattle court reporters can help your business, contact our Seattle, Washington court reporters office.