What to Look for in a Seattle Court Reporting Firm

At Naegeli Deposition and Trial we often receive inquiries regarding the notable, consistent professionalism exhibited by our nationwide court reporting team. Specifically, those interested wished to learn what they should look for when working with a new court-reporting firm. In answer, we at Naegeli have provided a comprehensive list of what to look for in a court reporting firm designed to best ensure continued consistency of quality court reporting experiences. As the premier Seattle court reporters, Naegeli Deposition and Trial strives to provide the utmost in litigation services from Portland, Tacoma, Spokane and beyond.
Top-notch Transcripts
No matter the circumstances, every court-reporting firm should at least be able to deliver a transcript that meets the minimum transcription format set by the state. In addition, each transcript should be concise and accurate. Prior to delivery, the court reporting firm you are interested in working with should have outlined their delivery policies and schedules so that you are fully aware of what to expect before starting your working relationship. Following that, your transcripts should always be delivered promptly and on-time in a format that can easily be unbound. Ideally, a great court reporting firm will use their transcript deliveries as a method of keeping you to your schedule.
Local Services
Before you agree to a working relationship, it is important that you ensure that the court-reporting firm you’re looking at has serviceable locations within your area. Location presence can be key when projecting an aura of competence. If your chosen court reporting firm is of good quality they will also have readily available conference suites. If they are of great quality, their conference suites will have high-speed video conferencing enabled.
An important feature of the modern court-reporting firm is offering more than standard court reporting services. A good quality firm will have additional service options such as video conferencing, interpreting, technological support, file libraries and indexing, as well as full litigation support from file to trial. Despite the ease of communicating with people in distant locations, there is no reason why you should have to deal with multiple court-reporting firms when one will do all that you require.
Cutting-edge Technology
The 21st century has been known for its abundance of technological advances. Your court-reporting firm should be known for the same thing. In order for the contemporary attorney to best serve their client and remain strong in a competitive market, modern technologies are a must-have. All court reporting firms of decent quality should have a technical support staff ready and willing to train you on their systems whenever is convenient. Furthermore, their court reporters should all be familiar with the latest model of stenographs and voice writing technologies.
Good Reputation
Unlike Joan Jett, the court-reporting firm you’re looking at should care about their reputation. A good reputation is important for determining the quality of service you will experience when working with them, and can be determined with a minimal amount of digging. A great court-reporting firm will feature true testimonials on their site for you to examine. Baring that method, we would recommend that you reach out to the nearest court reporting trade group in their area. They will have the best information available of the firm’s overall reputation.