What to Look for in a Portland Court Reporting Firm

We often get asked by our clients about the remarkable consistency and professionalism our nationwide court reporting team demonstrates. Specifically, our clients may inquire about what to look for when scheduling a deposition with court reporters. We at Naegeli have provided you a list of what to look for in a court reporting firm to best ensure the continued consistency of quality service being provided to you. Naegeli Deposition and Trial, the Portland court reporters of choice, maintain a nationwide team ranging from Seattle to Tacoma, Medford to Coeur d’Alene and beyond.
Quality Court Reporters
First and foremost, clients should examine the firm’s court reporters. These professionals should all be licensed and certified with at least a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) Certification, if not a Registered Merit Reporter (RMR) Certification, which guarantees their ability to register at least 200 words per minute as well as an overall accuracy rate of 95 percent. For the best service, check to ensure that your court reporter has the highest level of certification possible as either a Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR) or a Certified Court Reporter (CSR).
The firm’s court reporters should also demonstrate professionalism in their actions, attitude, and dress. They should always be professionally dressed, on-time, easy to work with, confident and accurate, polite and respectful, careful with spelling and other important details, highly skilled at proofreading, editing, and researching, as well as be an excellent ambassador for their profession.
Professional and Accommodating Support Staff
In congruity with their court reporters, the rest of the firm’s staff should be courteous and efficient. Whenever they pick up the phone, you should be speaking to a real person who will invest proper time and interest in your case. They should be able to immediately schedule your deposition, which should instantly prompt a confirmation email sent to you. Further signs of a good staff are ones who will also send reminder emails and phone calls, while a great staff will be sure to follow your schedule and keep you to it.
Up-to-date Website With Key Online Repository Features
The firm you are looking at should have a minimum of an up-to-date website. Ideally, their website will also include key features such as deposition scheduling, a client login service, and an online repository for downloads, transcripts, videos, and exhibits with 24/7 access so that you can connect on the go.