Professional Interpreter Services | Naegeli Deposition and Trial

Our court certified interpreters have the skills necessary to do verbatim interpreting of any language. In addition, NAEGELI also has experts in American Sign Language. We know how specific the needs of legal professionals can be. Have a medical health care case, where you are representing a patient? Working in business law with an English second language client? No matter how specialized the verbiage, our professional interpreter services will make communication easy.
We are experts when it comes to fostering an understanding between you and your clients. Our professional interpreters cover a wide range of services and needs, from organizations and multi-person events to one-on-one phone contacts. With interpreting and transcription, there is no project too large, too small, or too complex.
When you are in a legal situation that demands professional interpreter services, call on NAEGELI. If your deponent speaks any language other than English, and you need a court certified interpreter who is trained in the nuances of a specific language, NAEGELI can help. We will send an experienced interpreter to you, guaranteeing the presence of a reliable, trained professional who can provide you and your client with support at every stage of the process.
In addition to interpreting services, our professional translators are qualified to assist you in the translation of any legal document, including depositions, contracts, divorce decrees, and any other written document.
Interpreting. Over 200 Languages Available: