Copy Scanning

Tacoma, Washington Copy Scanning

Those in the legal community know litigation equates to a lot of documents. We know that the most important aspects of winning a case are the management, critical analysis, and timely presenting case-critical documents. NAEGELI’s copy and scanning department can help take some of that work off of your plate so that you can focus on the higher-level aspects of litigating your case.

The document scanning facilities at NAEGELI are ready for your next project. They’re designed and organized specifically for secure and efficient document scanning. Our team members only use state-of-the-art equipment, and have created designated areas for document prep, document scanning, document indexing and final quality assurance.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with an over-abundance of documents, NAEGELI is here to help. We can render assistance with all aspects of your document lifecycles, from the second it arrives on your desk to the moment you complete your case. We stand ready to make sure case documents are organized, categorized, and localized for easy analysis, access, and retrieval.

Tacoma Document Copying And Scanning

The first stage in any digital document management system is, yes, document scanning. This can be somewhat stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with NAEGELI. The team in our copy and scanning department will work tirelessly to transform all paper documents into any desired format. This lets you analyze, access and produce everything electronically. Best of all, all documents are handled with strict privacy standards inside our HIPAA-certified facility.

Tacoma lawyers have a well-known saying: “If you’re going to copy it, you might as well scan it.” This still rings true today, especially with all the advancements towards paperless offices and courtrooms. Let’s say you have documents that you want copied and don’t already have them scanned. Why not let NAEGELI also turn those papers into electronic files? This will make searching and sharing easier, and it will save a ton of money that would otherwise go to expensive physical document storage.

Tacoma Bates Numbering

If you’re not doing your Bates-numbering digitally, please call NAEGELI today and throw out your Bates-stamp. Remember, Bates numbering does not have to be time-consuming and labor intensive. In fact, the NAEGELI Bend Bates Numbering service makes it nice and simple. We can place identifying numbers on tens of thousands of documents in just a few minutes.

It might seem easier to just use programs like Adobe Acrobat for electronic Bates-numbering. But remember, these programs can still make mistakes. With NAEGELI, gone are the days of mis-numbering your legal documents and trying to account for gaps in your Bates-numbers.

Tacoma Database Creation

Attorneys, government agencies, and other legal teams across the nation have worked with NAEGELI’s experienced database experts on building legal document databases. These can come in handy when lawyers have a lot of documents that they need organized.

Tacoma Pagination

It’s a big waste of time to bill out your valuable daylight on formatting legal documents. It’s also a big waste to assign a busy legal assistance to format your legal brief. Skip all of this and instead turn to NAEGELI’s Tacoma document pagination specialists. We can handle anything, from an extensive Complaint all they way to an Appellate Brief. The NAEGELI litigation experts will paginate your documents in the exact manner you specify or in accordance with local rules.

Tacoma Electronic File Conversion

In order to optimize and automate document workflows, or just for legal reasons, it can be prudent to transform corporate and legal documents often need to be converted into a single electronic format. But things can get tricky if the integrity of the original document gets lost in the process.

Not with NAEGELI. Our electronic file conversion team can seamlessly convert any paper or electronic document from its original format to the format you choose. Best of all, the integrity of your important business or legal documents isn’t going to be compromised. Lots of attorneys in Tacoma have raved about how easy it is to manage legal documents once they are converted into a single-format.

Tacoma Optical Character Recognition

The “search bar” has really changed the game for lawyers. But what do you do about files that can’t really be searched, like PDFs or PNGs? Let NAEGELI show you the solution. As your documents are being scanned, we can also optimize the files to recognize the text of the document using Optical Character Recognition technology. Then you can search for keywords that are important to your case.

Need to find any mention of John Smith in your files? You can do that with OCR. So don’t delay, let NAEGELI OCR your legal documents today. It will save you a lot of time, and will also make your clients happy.

Tacoma Binder & Tab Production

NAEGELI’s experienced professionals can give you an edge in trial with a professionally organized binder, that’s tabbed appropriately to expedite document retrieval for your next case. A well-equipped binder can really change the course of a case. Each and every binder we make includes an index of every tab, so you can locate your critical documents quickly, when you need them.

Tacoma Document Destruction

Maybe it’s time to ditch that file cabinet filled with files, or that overflowing storage facility. But whom do you call to make sure the documents are securely destroyed? NAEGELI’s Tacoma document destruction team has your back. They will pick up your documents, transport them and destroy them in a secure and confidential manner. There’s no need to pay for storage fees anymore. Our team can quickly destroy your outdated documents

The Tacoma Naegeli Copy & Scan Difference

Work hand-in-hand with NAEGELI as you prepare your case. Focus on honing your most persuasive argument while we manage your client information lifecycle from creation through production and archiving. Rest assured that our work is unparalleled in the legal copy and scanning fields.

Each and every member of our team strive to exceed client expectations. We’re dedicated to remaining competitively priced for your legal document requirements, including legal document scanning, legal copy services, electronic forensics, document retrieval, trial exhibit production, and document destruction.

Tacoma’s top document copy and scanning services can be found right here at NAEGELI. Our expert copy and scanning team guarantees professional service, the highest level of accuracy, and timely delivery. We’re with you every step of the way, all the way from trial to file.