Legal Transcription

Converting recorded media into the written word is essential in your work. Our Portland, Oregon transcription services at Naegeli Deposition and Trial offer you versatility thanks to the use of our sophisticated transcription technology. We can transmit transcripts to you in confidential files or in a multimedia package.


Transcription services are a key component of the services we provide in all areas of legal practice and in different contexts:

  • Courtroom Sessions
  • Public Depositions
  • Audio Depositions
  • Video Depositions
  • Recordings
  • Recordings of Hearings
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Public Hearings
  • Multi-Speaker Interviews
  • Legal Briefs
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Dictation
  • Translations

Transcription Services To Meet Your Needs


Portland court reporters at Naegeli Deposition and Trial are prepared to help you take command of the information in your cases in new ways. Our transcription services offer you another way to work within the tight deadlines demanded by the legal profession while not compromising on accuracy.


Legal transcription services have made us a leader among Portland, Oregon court reporting firms. Naegeli Deposition and Trial can help you work with a wide range of media in new ways.

Schedule Legal Transcription Services With Naegeli Deposition And Trial

Seven days a week, 365 days a year, Naegeli Deposition and Trial is with you from file to trial to help you meet the demands of your clients in a competitive legal world.