Copy Scanning

Medford, Oregon Copy Scanning

When you think of litigation, the image that probably pops into your mind is a war-room filled to the rafters with case documents. The key to prevailing in a document-intensive case is the disciplined management and analysis of case-critical documents in a timely fashion. NAEGELI’s Medford, Oregon copy and scanning service can help take away the stress of document management and leave you free to handle higher-level strategy and arguments.

Our document scanning facilities are specifically set up for secure and efficient document scanning. We at NAEGELI only rely on leading-edge equipment. We have allocated designated areas for document prep, document scanning, document indexing and final quality assurance.

You can turn to us if you need help managing your entire document lifecycle, all the way from when it hits the desk to the moment the case is completed. We’re here to help ensure your case documents are organized, categorized and localized for easy analysis, access, and retrieval.

Medford Document Copying And Scanning

The first part in digital document management system is document scanning. We aim to make it as stress-free as possible. Our copy and scanning team works in our HIPAA-certified facility to convert every single paper documents into your desired format so that you can analyze, access and produce everything electronically. NAEGELI always makes sure documents are handled in a confidential manner.

Lawyers in Medford have a saying: “If you’re going to copy it, you might as well scan it.” This couldn’t be truer today, especially due to the advancements in paperless offices and courtrooms. If you have some documents that you plan to copy, but you don’t already have them scanned, let NAEGELI’s Medford copy and scanning team turn those paper documents into electronic files. This is going to make searching and sharing easier, and best of all, will save lots of money on document storage down the road.

Medford Bates Numbering

Digital is really the only way you should be going when it comes to Bates-numbering. Ditch your Bates-stamp if you still have one. Give us a call instead. The process of Bates-numbering doesn’t have to time-consuming and labor intensive. Instead, NAEGELI’s Medford Bates Numbering service can place identifying numbers on tens of thousands of documents in a matter of minutes.

Even though programs like Adobe Acrobat now enables you to electronically Bates-number your documents, errors can still occur. However, working with NAEGELI ensures the days of mis-numbering your legal documents and trying to account for gaps in your Bates-numbers are gone for good.

Medford Database Creation

Our database experts have many years of experience creating legal document databases for attorneys, government agencies and other legal teams throughout the country. Using a database is a great way for legal professionals to keep track and manage an extensive amount of documents.

Medford Pagination

It’s not really the best option to bill out time spent formatting legal documents. Plus, overworked legal assistants might not be able to hit your deadlines, especially if they have to stop the work they are doing to help you out. Instead, let NAEGELI’s Medford document pagination specialists work for you. Our team of litigation experts will paginate your documents in the exact manner you specify or in accordance with local rules, no matter if you’re putting together an extensive Complaint or Appellate Brief.

Medford Electronic File Conversion

It’s vitally important to ensure the integrity of the document as you convert it from paper or other electronic format. Converting a document might be needed for legal reasons or to optimize and automate document workflows.

Our electronic file conversion team can easily convert any paper or electronic document from its original format to the format you choose. All this is done without compromising the integrity of your important business or legal documents. Attorneys across the Medford area always appreciate how easy it is to manage legal documents after they are transformed by the NAEGELI team into a single format.

Medford Optical Character Recognition

Even though the “search” function has had a great impact on the practice of law, what do you do about file formats like PDF and PNG files that don’t really work with the search function? NAEGELI can ensure that documents scanned or converted into PDF format can be optimized to recognize the text of the document using Optical Character Recognition technology. After they are optimized, you then can search out keywords and then find every document touching on these keywords.

For example, let’s say you need to find any mention of John Smith in your files? OCR lets you quickly locate any document mentioning John Smith. Once NAEGELI OCRs your legal documents, it will save you a lot of time, and most importantly, save clients a lot of money.

Medford Binder & Tab Production

What’s the difference between winning and losing a case? A well-organized set of trial documents. Turn to NAEGELI if you’re looking for professionally organized binders, tabbed appropriately to expedite document retrieval for your next case. All of our binders come with an index to every tab, ensuring you can locate your critical documents when you need them.

Medford Document Destruction

Do you have too many files and documents in your cabinets? If so, then it’s time to get rid of old files in a secure manner. The document destruction team at NAEGELI will pick up your documents, transport them and destroy them in a secure and confidential manner. Skip paying for storage fees that you can avoid. Instead, let NAEGELI get rid of your outdated documents today.

The Medford Naegeli Copy & Scan Difference

NAEGELI stands ready to competently manages your client information lifecycle from creation through production and archiving. Our skills and experience in providing off-site legal copying and scanning are truly unmatched.

No matter what, we always exceed our client expectations. Plus, we’re dedicated to remaining competitively priced for your legal document requirement. Our wide range of services includes legal document scanning, legal copy services, electronic forensics, document retrieval, trial exhibit production, and document destruction.

If you’re looking for the highest quality document copying and scanning in Medford, Oregon, or other major cities in the Pacific Northwest, look no further than NAEGELI. We guarantee professional service, the highest level of accuracy, and timely delivery. We’re right by your side from trial to file.