Copy Scanning

Kennewick, Washington Copy Scanning

Litigation often means sorting through box after endless box of documents. Having the ability to analyze, manage, and present case-critical documents in a timely fashion is critical if you want to win your case. NAEGELI can be your most valuable assistant throughout this process.

Our document scanning facilities are specifically optimized for secure scanning. The equipment we use industry-leading, and we have specific areas for document prep, document scanning, document indexing and final quality assurance.

Let us at NAEGELI take control of your entire document lifecycle. From the second it hits your desk to the moment the case is over, we help make sure case documents are organized, categorized and localized for easy analysis, access, and retrieval.

Kennewick Document Copying And Scanning

The initial step in any digital document management system is document scanning. NAEGELI’s copy and scan team will work extremely hard to make sure all of your documents are converted into your desired format. The entire process is stress free and gives you the power to analyze, access and produce everything electronically. Best of all, our HIPPA-certified facility means all the work we do for you is going to be conducted discreetly.

Lawyers across the Kennewick area have a saying: “If you’re going to copy it, you might as well scan it.” This is still true today! If there are documents that you want copied that are not already scanned, why not let NAEGELI do both? Paperless offices and courthouses are becoming more popular, plus scanned documents make searching and sharing super simple. Going digital will save you time in searching and sharing your documents and will save you money on physical document storage.

Kennewick Bates Numbering

Bates numbering doesn’t necessarily have to be a time-consuming endeavor anymore. In fact, if you still have a Bates-stamp, please just give NAEGELI a call. Digital is the way to go now, and our team can place identifying numbers on tens of thousands of documents in a matter of minutes.

Let NAEGELI take care of the heavy lifting with Bates-numbering so you don’t have to try and account for gaps or fix mis-numberings. Our team is experienced and professional, and can do a much better job than programs like Adobe Acrobat.

Kennewick Database Creation

A good database can be a godsend for attorneys, government agencies and other legal teams throughout the country. The NAEGELI team of database experts stands ready to get your organized through the creation of a legal document database.

Kennewick Pagination

Billing out attorney time formatting legal documents can be a big turn off to clients. Plus, imagine having to assign a legal assistant away from important work just to format a legal brief. Fortunately, with NAEGELI, these scenarios can remain fiction. Our team of litigation experts can easily paginate your documents in the exact manner you specify or in accordance with local rules. We’re ready to take on just about anything, whether it’s a Complaint or Appellate Brief.

Kennewick Electronic File Conversion

Converting documents into a single electronic format might be required for legal reasons. Or it could just be part of an office-wide push to optimize and automate document workflows. No matter the reason, it’s very important that the integrity of the original document is maintained.

If you’re concerned about document integrity, you don’t have to worry anymore with NAEGELI. Our team of electronic file conversion specialists is able to quickly convert any paper or electronic document from its original format to the format you choose, without compromising its integrity. Experienced legal professionals all across the Kennewick area have commented on how easy it is to manage legal documents after they’re converted to a single format.

Kennewick Optical Character Recognition

Using the “search” function can be a big time saver for a legal professional. But trying to search for something in a PDF or PNG file is pretty much impossible. Not anymore with NAEGELI. Our team can also take the steps to have any scanned documents optimized using Optical Character Recognition technology. This allows you to search for keywords important to your case and find every document touching on that keyword.

Finding mentions of John Smith, Jane Doe or any other keyword in your files is made easy with OCR. After NAEGELI applies OCR technology to your documents, you’ll see how much money it saves your clients, and how much time it opens up during your workday.

Kennewick Binder & Tab Production

Don’t go to trial unprepared. A well-organized trial, mediation or arbitration binder can be the difference between winning and losing a case. In order to ensure success, let NAEGELI take care of binder preparation. We equip all of our binders with tabs that help expedite document retrieval for your next case. Along with tabs, we also incorporate an index for each tab. This makes finding critical documents an absolute breeze.

Kennewick Document Destruction

Use NAEGELI to clear out your old file cabinets or storage facilities. Our document destruction helps you save money on storage fees while getting rid of outdated documents. The entire process could not be easier. We pick up your documents, transport them and destroy them in a secure and confidential manner.

The Kennewick Naegeli Copy & Scan Difference

Getting ready for a case is not easy. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Instead, let NAEGELI manage your client information lifecycle from creation through production and archiving. We’re able to do great work because our off-site legal copying and scanning services literally can’t be matched.

We always exceed our client expectations. Most of all, we’re completely focused on remaining competitively priced for your legal document requirements, including legal document scanning, legal copy services, electronic forensics, document retrieval, trial exhibit production, and document destruction.

If you’ve been looking for professional, accurate document copy and scan services, NAEGELI’s got your back. All of our work is delivered promptly, ensuring that you’re totally covered from trial to file.