Copying And Scanning

Bend, Oregon Copying And Scanning

Let’s face it, litigation is a document-intensive business. The reality is, being able to analyze, manage, and present case-critical documents in a timely fashion is one of the keys to winning your case. We all know that this is easier said than done. NAEGELI can help.

Our document scanning facilities have been designed and organized specifically for secure and efficient document scanning. NAEGELI only uses leading-edge equipment. We’ve also allocated designated areas for document prep, document scanning, document indexing and final quality assurance.

We can help manage your entire document lifecycle as soon as it arrives on your desk, to the moment you complete your case. NAEGELI helps ensure your case documents are organized, categorized and localized for easy analysis, access, and retrieval.

Bend Document Copying And Scanning

The first phase in any digital document management system is document scanning. We make the process super stress free. Our copy and scanning team will convert every single paper document into a desired format so everything can be analyzed, accessed and produced electronically. NAEGELI’s HIPAA-certified facility will make sure every document is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Bend lawyers have a well-known saying: “If you’re going to copy it, you might as well scan it.” This couldn’t be more true given the advancements in paperless offices and courtrooms. Let us at NAEGELI turn those paper documents into electronic files if you want them copied and don’t already have them scanned. Not only will this make searching and sharing easier, it’s going to save you money on physical document storage in the long run.

Bend Bates Numbering

When it comes to Bates-numbering, digital is the way to go. Put down your Bates-stamp and give us a call if you happen to still have one. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or labor intensive. At our Bend Bates Numbering service, identifying numbers are placed on tens of thousands of documents in just minutes.

NAEGELI ensures the days of mis-numbering legal documents are gone. We fill in the gaps for Bates-numbers even if programs like Adobe Acrobat lead to some errors.

Bend Database Creation

Legal professionals with an extensive amount of documents can organize and keep track of every page using a database. Our database experts have a lot of experience building document databases for attorneys, government agencies and other legal teams throughout the country.

Bend Pagination

No lawyer wants to bill out their time spent formatting legal documents. An overworked legal assistance is not going to be much help when they have to stop working to format your legal brief, especially if you’re looking at a deadline. Whether you’re putting together an extensive Complaint or Appellate Brief, we’ve got your back at NAEGELI. Our Bend document pagination specialists will paginate your documents in the exact manner you specify or in accordance with local rules.

Bend Electronic File Conversion

We understand how important it is to ensure the integrity of the original document when it comes time to convert it. The electronic file conversion team at NAEGELI can easily convert any paper or electronic document from its original format without ruining the integrity of your important business or legal documents.

Attorneys in the Bend area always appreciate how easily they can manage legal documents when they are converted into a single-format.

Bend Optical Character Recognition

Few technological innovations have changed the practice of law more than the “search” function. But what to do about electronic files like PDF and PNG? We at NAEGELI can also make sure these type of documents are optimized to see the text of the document using Optical Character Recognition technology. Then you can easily search for keywords that are important to your cases and quickly see every document touching on that keyword.

Let’s say you need to find any mention of John Smith in your files? The OCR technology lets you quickly locate any document mentioning John Smith. Turn to NAEGELI to OCR your legal documents today. You’re going to love the time saved, and all of your clients will appreciate the money they save.

Bend Binder & Tab Production

One of the most critical factors that can determine if you win and lose a case is a well-organized trial, mediation or arbitration binder. NAEGELI stands ready to build professionally organized binders that are tabbed appropriately to make document retrieval fast and easy. Come to your next case with a NAEGELI created binder in hand, indexed to every tab so you can locate your critical documents when you need them.

Bend Document Destruction

Are your file cabinets and storage facilities bursting at their hinges? If so, it’s high time to rotate and destroy files. Our team of document destruction professionals pick up documents, transport them, and the confidently and securely destroy them, saving you money on storage fees. Turn to NAEGELI to destroy your outdated documents today!

The Bend Naegeli Copy & Scan Difference

Let NAEGELI manage your client information lifecycle from creation through production and archiving. Our experienced document management teams let you focus on preparing your case. With NAEGELI, you can rest assured that we are truly unrivaled when it comes to providing off-site legal copying and scanning services.

We at NAEGELI always strive to exceed client expectations. You’ll find our pricing for services like legal document scanning, legal copy services, electronic forensics, document retrieval, trial exhibit production, and document destruction are very competitive.

Overall, we guarantee professional service, a high level of accuracy, and timely delivery. From trial to file, NAEGELI’s litigation specialists have you covered when it comes to delivering the highest quality document copying and scanning in Bend, Oregon and throughout the country.