Court Reporters in Boise, ID

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial is at the forefront of court reporting services in Boise, and we want to be your first choice of litigation support service. Your choice of a NAEGELI Deposition & Trial court reporter comes with the promise of prompt attendance, accuracy, and timely delivery of your transcripts, whether they are for depositions or trial records. The reporters can be on-call whenever you need them to cover different types of cases and hearings regardless of complexity and length and will produce an official record of the highest standard.

We guarantee that we will supply you with high-quality court reporters who take great pride in the work product they provide. We understand that busy Boise attorneys do not have the time to be managing the work of court reporters and we ensure that our reporters are trained to be an asset to you in achieving your goals. You can have confidence in our reporting service at all times whether it comes to the supply of court reporters, computers such as laptops for your use, or the actual setup, connecting, and testing of the equipment prior to the deposition or trial. Our Boise court reporters are trained and experienced users of modern court reporting technology. If you are not so familiar with it we can assist so that the learning curve is not too steep for you.

NAEGELI Deposition & Trial has been a strong advocate for innovation in the court reporting profession for over forty years. We have listened to the requests of attorneys and have acknowledged the need for accurate records to be produced with speed and efficiency. To that end, we can provide one of the most technologically advanced software systems in AUDIOLIVE. This realtime reporting service includes Audio-To-Go with immediate access to real-time issue coding and annotations on live audio mp3 files and works seamlessly with our 100% verifiable synchronized audio/video transcripts. It is also less expensive than stenographic realtime.

Our Boise court reporters command much respect from attorneys and courts within the legal community and earn this respect by taking very seriously the responsibilities placed on them. We want you to choose NAEGELI Deposition & Trial as your single source for deposition management and litigation support in Boise. We are available to discuss your court reporting requirements at any time and we invite you to take advantage of our 24/7 client service.

To find out more about our court reporting services contact our Boise, Idaho office.